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Instagram launches IGTV for long form videos

Instagram has surprised more than a billion people yet again with its latest launch of Instagram TV (also referred to as IGTV). The IGTV is long …

GST reforms the Logistics Sector

The implementation of the GST has led to a much needed reform in India’s largely unorganised sector of logistics and transport. According to industry ..

The Manufacturing Sector in US booms despite the fear of Trade War

The manufacturing sector in the US has added 36,000 jobs in June this year. This has been the most so […]

Giant invests in manufacturing and distribution in Europe

Giant announces the production and distribution expansions in Europe. The expansion signals its commitment to the market with its focus […]

Amazon Prime launches monthly plans to increase its membership numbers

Amazon Prime attempts to shore up membership numbers in India, and has launched a monthly plan for users at Rs 129. In the last two years…

India succeeds in achieving a sharp decline in maternity mortality ratio (MMR)

Dr.Yasmin Ali Haque recently spoke on the sample registration system (SRS) data that was released by registrar general of India. According to this..

India lacks behind China, Bangladesh and Bhutan by ranking 145th in Helathcre

India currently ranks 145th among 195 countries in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare. It is lacking way behind […]

Koopman to be the first Logistics company to use Blockchain Technology

The Dutch company Koopman Logistics is one of the first transportation companies to make use of IBM blockchain technology.Logistics Industry is..