Venugopala Chalamala (Founder & CEO, Atlas Systems) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Empowering Entrepreneurs 2022

The Nuts and Bolts

Atlas Systems is a leading managed IT services and technology company based in Princeton, New Jersey. The company has been proudly servicing Fortune 1000 and many mid-sized clients since 2003. Atlas Systems delivery centers in New Jersey, Bangalore, and Chennai represent an expert ITOps team. The latter collaborates with companies to meet their goals with unsurpassed IT support and leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Global industry leaders across every domain view Atlas Systems as a long-term technology partner providing database support, application development & support, infrastructure & network support, cloud migration, IT security, big data, on-demand data scientists, and IT consulting services.

The Founder

Mr. Venugopala Chalamala, who founded the company in 2003, is a thought leader in the global software solutions realm. His core belief is that "today's world is not a case of the big triumphing over the small, but the fast outpacing the slow." Also, he is actively involved in the business community through various organizations like the New Jersey Technology Council, Young Presidents Organization, TIE and Mercer Chamber of Commerce.

At the Heart of Atlas Systems

The company passionately believes that its approach to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning sets the standard for how the industry moves forward (i.e., removing traditional barriers and reservations). The team culture functions on never settling for second best, thus achieving growth for itself and its customers. Its meaningful points of difference revolve around devising proactive, innovative services for global enterprise clients to keep them ahead of the curve for successful outcomes. The Atlas team focuses on a 3P Strategy - People, Process, and Platform.

Atlas Systems clients uniformly applaud its customized proposals and responsiveness, converging on the latest cloud and database technology level. Atlas systems provide three types of ROI-centric solutions:

AInfinity is an AIOps platform that predicts, recommends, and resolves issues in real-time using AI & ML. End-to-end knowledge libraries and systematic resolution figure into the equation in a massive way. Finally, it analyzes vast volumes of data collected from clients' IT operation tools and devices.

PRIME is an industry-leading provider data validation solution that integrates with Health Plans, Health Systems, or Provider Groups and guarantees provider data accuracy.

ComplyScore is another platform providing a complete, robust, scalable, online Cloud Vendor solution that automates the vendor risk assessment, management, and monitoring life cycle.

The company demonstrates unsurpassed Agility, Knowledge, and Precision in everything it does to drive its growth and much heralded achievements. Its significant footprint has spread broadly to embrace all the intricacies of application development and migration, cloud migration and security, database administration, IT infrastructure management, information security, and digital transformation services.

The most impressive feature of Atlas' corporate culture is its integrative, adaptive, and open work approach. All project teams regularly undergo comprehensive training programs to get updated. Iconic companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Couchbase, Snowflakes, and UiPath are behind its efforts as a resource pool to deliver sustainable profitability. These entities' support and contributions to the technological skills and talents in the company have been invaluable.

In response to the COVID-19 upheavals, Atlas adapted quickly to a remote working environment, ensuring their clients' services remained on track. Mr. Chalamala says, "I'm very proud to mention that we were able to avoid any pay cuts, furloughs, or layoffs due to the global pandemic. In my view, our product and services diversity reduced crisis’ impact on our overall business."

Traversing the Path

Atlas System's uniqueness lies in its core values and principles. Its expert tech resources consistently deliver a standard of excellence that's a yardstick for the industry. Numerous reviews reflect that the clients agree. Most comments that emerge highlight the team's ability to identify company opportunities, share risk, add insight, and deploy resources with expertise and product experience. Also, going the extra mile to close all gaps is standard through all the processes.

Mr. Chalamala emphasizes that his vision is to have enough resources to serve the most significant demands but never miss minor details. Thus, the company's strengths lie in the mid-market, where clients fail to get adequate attention from large providers, and small providers don't have the breadth or depth to service. As a result, Atlas Systems has demonstrated, time and again, that it can act quicker and more proactively.

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