3 Best Online Learning Programs in 2021

As we previously mentioned in our article on the ‘Role of Technology in Education Sector’, the world’s continuous movement toward the digital sphere keeps creating opportunities to streamline society’s most valuable industries. And it is becoming more and more apparent that the education sector stands to evolve and benefit in particularly impactful ways.

Previously limited to basic in-person tools like whiteboards, projectors, and textbooks, education today involves the use of innovations such as augmented and virtual reality. Furthermore, as we've all discovered in the last two years, students no longer have to meet teachers in classrooms to learn, but can often do so online instead. This is a change many associates with the pandemic, and understandably so. But the truth is that for about a decade now we've been seeing the growth of platforms that provide quality educational programs to students online.

Below, we’ll dive into a few of the best and most unique ones.

Brunchwork Business Intensive

According to Authority Magazine's interview with Brunchwork founder and CEO Paulina Karpis, Brunchwork Business Intensive didn’t start out as an online program. Before the pandemic, all of the company’s revenue came from workshops conducted in person. However, once travel restrictions came about, operations were quick to shift to the internet, and have since stayed online. Though unexpected, the move aligned with Karpis’s ambitions for the company: to make business education more accessible.

Karpis founded Brunchwork Business Intensive after seeing the need for an affordable MBA alternative. As a former MBA student herself, Karpis found that the six-figure price tag on graduate business programs was no longer worth it to students. Through a series of workshops and classes on business subjects, Brunchwork was designed to act as an MBA alternative. Today, the platform teaches an affordable eight-part business course that trains students to hone entrepreneurial mindsets, executive skills, and business confidence. Graduates of the program go on to become managers, founders, and business leaders.

Thinkful Coding Bootcamp

As society grows ever more dependent on technology, the demand for professionals with skills in programming, software development, web design, and other such fields increases. That is a demand that Edtech company Chegg aims to meet. To fill the current shortage of tech workers, Chegg acquired the Thinkful Coding Bootcamp, an online program that teaches tech-related courses at affordable prices.

Thinkful Coding Bootcamp offers classes in software engineering, data science, user interface design, digital marketing, and even technical project management. But the Bootcamp does not just teach tech-related skills. It also teaches students how to develop their careers in the tech industry. An article about the Thinkful Coding Bootcamp on AskMoney explains that the program offers both one-on-one mentorships and career development coaching administered by industry experts. In other words, students are not only taught tech skills, but how to use them to maximize business opportunities. But perhaps the biggest selling point of the Thinkful Coding Bootcamp is its deferred tuition program. Students can choose to delay paying tuition until they have found jobs in the field. Through this perk, the program issues a vote of confidence in its own effectiveness and opens a door to students who may not be able to afford programs upfront.

Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing

Another industry with growing popularity this decade is writing. The internet has created many new opportunities for writers. Bloggers can profit off advertising and affiliate marketing; journalists can create content that reaches the masses in an instant; copywriters can use their wit to drive engagement toward their employers’ businesses. Masterclass, seeing the potential of this industry, thus launched a new course that allowed writers to learn from one of the most renowned creatives of this generation: Malcolm Gladwell.

Canadian non-fiction author Malcolm Gladwell is known for his books “Blink,” "Outliers,” and “What the Dog Saw.” In Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing, he shares lessons he's learned throughout his decades-long career, such as how to identify your strengths and weaknesses in writing, solidify your voice, and deal with bad reviews. Gladwell also shares practical writing tips, like how to draw inspiration from observation, and how to create interesting narrative structures. Students who want to learn from Gladwell’s unique worldview and benefit in virtually any kind of writing can access this class for $90.

Online classes give students the opportunity to learn from the masters from the comfort of their own homes. By signing up for an online class, you can discover a world of knowledge at your fingertips without even having to invest too much time, energy, or money.