Top 10 Interesting Facts About Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a paid membership program from Amazon which is accessible in different nations and gives clients admittance to extra administrations in any case inaccessible or accessible at a higher cost than normal to other Amazon clients. Administrations incorporate same, a couple of day conveyance of merchandise and real time music, video, digital books, gaming and shopping for food administrations. Founded in February 2,2005, Amazon has serving millions of people worldwide and has been the biggest company in the world. Initially the platform was started as an online bookstore in 1994, which gradually became the biggest multi-national company in the world and one of the most trustworthy and valuable brand worldwide.

Amazon is currently the tech giant having over 213 million US visitors per month and possessing a very high global net revenue of over $386 billion.

With its service known as Amazon prime, it is even more unbeatable in the business industry. Lets take a look at some services available with Amazon prime:

  1. Amazon Prime music:

Service that allows streaming music like other platforms such as Spotify, Apple music, YouTube music and others, which is provided to the Prime subscribers at no additional cost. It also offers another subscription service known as Amazon Music Unlimited which is a much larger music catalog.

  1. Amazon Prime Video:

The service was first introduced in September 7, 2006 and was renamed as Amazon video on demand on September 4,2008. With this service, you can watch various Amazon Originals and other movies and TV shows.

  1. Amazon Prime Gaming:

Previously known as Twitch prime. It allows you to play unlimited games, provides in-game loot and a free monthly subscription to twitch.

  1. Amazon Prime Reading:

Started in October 2016, Prime subscribers get a spectacular set of Kindle e-books through the service. It also includes several magazines and travel guides.

  1. Amazon Prime Pantry:

Only available in certain deliverable areas, provides non-perishable grocery needs in a single box as per your order in a sustainable price.

Lets check the top 10 facts:

  1. Jeff Bezos wanted to calm Amazon, “"

He thought it will be a better name as he thought Amazon could deliver anything to anyone, anytime.

  1. When Prime service was started in Manhattan, the same day, a customer got his item delivered in 23 minutes which is fastest according to the company.
  2. The global Amazon Prime day makes sales worth $11.2 billion .
  3. As of 2020, the number of Amazon Prime listeners in US alone is $45.8 million.
  4. Among all the Amazon Prime subscriptions, around 40% spend more than $1000 a year.
  5. 26 million people watch Amazon Prime Video on a daily basis.
  6. Around 64% of households have already subscribed to Amazon Prime.
  7. The longest Amazon Prime day was of 2017 which started in July 11 and lasted for about 30 hours getting more number of Prime members by 50% as of Prime day 2016.
  8. There are around $103 million Amazon Prime subscriptions in US alone.
  9. On a daily basis, about 198 million people visit the platform which is even more than the whole population of Russia.

These are the rough details and facts about Amazon Prime. Hope it was helpful.