Hitesh Lohani (Top Fresh International) – Business Sight’s Elite League of Innovators in India 2021

“The innovator working on the solution to wastage problem”

Top Fresh International Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Frozen and Dried Fruits. The firm is ranked among the eminent Suppliers of a wide array of Frozen Fruits and Dried Fruits. The director of Top Fresh International Pvt. Ltd. and DJ green storage solution Pvt. Ltd., Hitesh Lohani is the third generation in the fresh fruit industry. With his family’s 50 years of experience and his goal of making the business more sustainable, he has entered into frozen and dehydrated fruits and vegetable industries as well which is the modern-day solution to all Indian fresh fruit industry wastage.

DJ green SSPL is a part of DJ company which stands for the initials of his grand and great grandparents names. DJ green is a warehousing and marketing company with office and warehousing in the hearts of Asia’s biggest fruit wholesale market for fresh fruits and vegetables in Azadpur, New Delhi.

More About The Company

Top Fresh International Pvt. Ltd. shorten the time between the farm and the table. Their only motto is to deliver the local food which is better, fresher and tastier. The wholesale prices that farmers get for their products are low and often near to the cost of production. By supporting local farmers today, they are helping to ensure that there will be farms in the community tomorrow. The firm goes through 6 points quality control system that ensures each piece of fruits and vegetables match Grade A Quality. The logistics chain ensures that each order consisting of fruits and vegetables reaches the doorsteps within 24 hours of plucking and harvesting.

They have a state-of-art processing unit that is well structured to carry out the operations in a hassle-free manner. This unit is installed with advanced tools and equipment for the prompt processing of the assortment of fresh frozen fruits and vegetables.

The Inspiration

Hitesh at his teenage age used to visit his family office and used to work under experts of different businesses. After gaining enough experience, he decided to start his own venture in which he wanted to solve the problem of wastage.

He is the third generation of the family working in the fresh fruits industry as an entrepreneur and he always worked on the solution to the industrial problem of wastage by working on IQF and blast freezing and then looked into the prospects of dehydrated products.

Hitesh works on the goal to create a more sustainable fresh fruit industry by reducing wastage and work with industry experts to find new technology to increase the overall life of fresh fruits and vegetables. His biggest strength lies in his experience and networking skills and ability to never give up even in the most difficult times.

The Unique Path

The director, Hitesh always believe in adopting the latest technology and keeping good networking with industry experts who can bring the next change in the industry and will always keep him ahead of the competitors. He also suggests that staying updated about the dynamic Indian market/industry due to the socio-political sensitivity is a must to survive in modern India.

Demonetization and Covid-19 were the biggest challenges that he faced while moving ahead with the business. His culture has taught him to treat his employees like family and this attitude has helped him as the employees worked like its their own family venture. Together with the support and coordinated hard work, he has reached a new height in the industry as compared to his competitors. During the tough times of COVID 19, his staffs were present at all times and he never took a day off since COVID 19 has come into existence.

Futuristic Goals

The team is currently working towards a more organic supply by starting their commercial farming in India and abroad. According to Hitesh, this would give more control about the overall quality of the product since there are many standards associated with fresh industry except the FSSAI, APEDA and other certifications.

Talking about the change he would see in the coming 2 years, he says, “Global market will be seeing a major shift in coming 2 years as Indians are taking a lead in being a consumer and the demands are rising sharply, a better supply chain is shaping for India and we are all working towards the same.”

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