Jim Rakesh (ROX Trading & Systems) – Business Sight’s Elite League of Innovators in India 2021

“Providing unprecedented value to Enterprises in realizing their digital strategy”

ROX has over 19 years of combined industry experience, providing clients Information Technology Solutions built on constant innovation, expertise and relevance. Headquartered in Chennai - India, ROX meets all Information and Communication Technology needs of Enterprises.

Today, ROX has grown to becoming a pioneer in the ICT systems integration space and has earned the highest level of partnerships with global leaders in technology.

  1. IBM Platinum Partner
  2. Lenovo Platinum Partner
  3. SAP Silver Partner
  4. Cisco Premier Partner.

Exemplified Leader

Jim Rakesh, CEO and Managing Director of ROX is a first-generation entrepreneur whose vision was to establish a sustainable business platform that delivers technology relevance to customers and creates career paths for future generations.  His able guidance has transformed ROX to becoming an unmatched Systems Integrator, providing end to end solutions on Business Applications and Associated Infrastructure Solutions.

Comprehensive Offerings

Today, ROX is a trusted ICT partner for Enterprise clients across industry verticals providing a comprehensive range of solutions that span “Cable to Cloud”.

ROX is one of the few partners who can boast of offering a complete suite of ICT infrastructure solutions that include Data Centre Solutions, Enterprise Computing, Cloud, Edge Computing, Network & Security, Collaboration, Personal Computing, Open-source, IoT & Smart Infrastructure, Document Management, SAP & Business Applications.

Possessing a strong, certified service team enables ROX provide seamless support to its clients in managing their IT infrastructure. Through our Managed Services offerings, Asset Recovery Services, Annual Maintenance Contracts & Software Subscriptions, ROX offers significant ROI and assured business continuity.

The expert in-house consult team offers Digital Transformation Consulting, IT Consulting, Network and Security Audit Services for both greenfield and brownfield instances, enabling enterprises achieve a swift and predictable timeline on their go-live or transformation journey.

The Road to Success

Built on a people first philosophy, placing its team as the foundation, on which they have constantly added innovation and technology relevance, ROX has been delivering business outcomes to its clients with certainty.

ROX is equipped to support its customers right from identifying and sizing the right IT infrastructure, deployment and post-sales support with their strong team of certified pre-sales consultants, deployment and support engineers.

Strong association with IBM, Cisco and Lenovo at the highest level, enables them offer unparalleled IT infrastructure solutions that help conquer the most demanding and mission critical workloads.

Solutions on Cloud, Automation, DevOps, Middleware applications, Storage & Virtualization are provided through strategic alignment with Open-Source leaders – RedHat.

The SAP partnership and established SAP consult team, empower ROX offer market-ready solutions on taxation, banking and logistics, apart from solutions on Industry 4.0 and Robotic Process Automation. The in-house SAP Consult team offers rich collective experience and a proven track record of delivering complex solutions with adherence to strict timelines.

With established presence in Singapore, ROX offers the flexibility to address global clients who prefer procurement in USD and multi-geographic fulfilment support.

Delivering Innovation

Within a smart campus design framework, organizations shift their focus from processes to outcomes and then align the use cases appropriate for their institution.

Being entrusted with the responsibility of delivering a “Smart Campus” to one of the top B-schools, ROX enabled them select proven innovations to foster the desired outcomes.

The solution is not only future ready, but also scalable, manageable, secure and uses advanced network infrastructure and internet-connected devices to provide supportive and engaging experiences. It allows to join people, devices, and applications and allows them make insight-driven decisions to improve security and maximize resources.

ROX’s SMART solutions drive interactions that serve intuitively and foster positive outcomes built on innovative practices leveraging emerging technologies to enhance the consumer experience. Faculty and staff are offered a digital workplace that allows them to focus on meaningful activities that serve a true purpose and promote the mission of “Smart Campus”.

It also helps improve three important factors: experience, efficiency, and education apart from being the catalyst for the transformation that will likely enable campuses to address the future of learning and the future of work while reshaping the campus experience. As needed, it can continue to serve the traditional campus while enabling it to adopt new approaches to serve in a manner that their digitally native stakeholders have come to expect.

As campuses adopt more and varied ways of interacting with internal and external constituencies, securing proprietary in­formation and other critical institutional assets becomes exponen­tially more difficult, and meeting regulatory requirements more complex.

The increasing ubiquity of IoT and its interconnections in higher education campuses creates a complex digital environ­ment where cyberattacks and vulnerabilities in one area can have a cascading effect on multiple areas and the consequences can go beyond the usual data loss, financial impact, and reputational damage risks.

ROX’s smart campus security approach enables higher education institutes to implement an integrated cyber risk management framework that provides structure to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and implement cyber solutions to manage risks. The cyber risk capability is an integral part of our smart campus framework and comprises industry standards, legal, and regulatory requirements to establish the context of how cyber risk may affect an entire ecosystem including academic community, services, infrastructure, and processes.

“A smart campus is more than a system or collection of applications, platforms, or infrastructures that are being leveraged in a siloed manner around campuses. ROX designs and deploys a strategic framework that fosters a connected ecosystem and creates a new, exciting experience for all.”

For More Details: http://rox.co.in/