Cover Story, Jitendra Singh (Managing Director , Heinrich ) – Business Sight’s Elite League of Innovators in India 2021

Emblem of Brilliance :

Human life revolves around and evolves through technology. We feel and live high-end experiences more than what our senses offer us. Not only delivering an enthralling encounters, but intelligent technological advancements connect people across the globe, breaking the barriers. So, it has the power to make lives better and lead them towards a promising future. All the credit goes to the advanced technology and the transformation it has succeeded to achieve. HEINRICH is the company that has been proffering futuristic and superior audio and communication system solutions to ensure seamless connectivity.

HEINRICH, a renowned company from Germany has been providing highly qualitative products in Life Safety, technology and Automation in the form of the Public Address System, Network Solutions and Video Surveillance. It is the leading manufacturer of Public Address and Voice Evacuation System (PAVA) which comprises of Digital/ IP Based and Redundant systems, Board Room Conference System, Pro Audio Systems catering to Large Auditoriums, Amphitheater, Large Crowd Assembly Areas, Talk Back Communication system for Commercial Buildings, Battery Operated Fire Exit Signage system, IP CCTV and Nurse Call System.

HEINRICH is one of the prominent Manufacturers of Life Safety & Security products across the globe. It has made a stronghold in the Indian market sticking to an efficient and constant supply and support policy. It knows for a fact that customers always need something that makes their life hassle-free and upgraded. And HEINRICH has been profoundly fulfilling this thirst of their consumers with ultra-modern Life Safety & Security products. The company has attained the next big step with entering into automation market serving high-end offerings and products.

A Mesmerizing Journey Of Setting Milestones:

German products are those that attract consumers' interest and fulfill needs smartly. They bring in just brilliant and the most radical technologies with almost every product and in all aspects. HEINRICH has taken giant leaps right from the rise of modern technology. It backs its origin in Germany and is headquartered in UK London. HEINRICH has a well-established presence in the overseas market and has many reputed clients spread across all the five continents in the world. It has a strong presence in the overseas market that includes Hong Kong, North America, South America, Singapore, Dubai, Denmark, Turkey, France, Australia and Switzerland. Today it has emerged as one of the pioneers in Sound Technology, Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems.

The company is an augmentation of its founder members and exhibits utmost sincerity and commitment in its flawless operations. It aims to maintain as well as keep evolving its position as the top most provider in every market it is serving. HEINRICH revolutionizes itself on the four pillars of innovation, excellence, quick customer service and timely delivery.

It believes in putting values into practice to deliver top-notch products and outstanding results.

It has marked its powerful presence in India under the profound leadership of The Chairman and Director, Mr. Jitendra Singh and the Managing Director, Mr. Ramapriyan. They hold extensive experience of three decades in Safety and Security Domains in the Indian market. They have been precisely working on understanding and analysing the customer demands, being well verse with every knick-knack of the diverse Indian marketplace. It has become the core strength to craft a distinct roadmap for the successful operation of HEINRICH LIMITED’s in India. This in return gave more opportunities to explore and expand which facilitated the customers to choose HEINRICH over others as their most preferred brand in a short span of its launch.

Embracing Innovation and Advanced Technologies To shape a better tomorrow

HEINRICH looks forward to the comprehensive expansion of its manufacturing in India. It is incorporating highly advanced technology with razor-sharp precision and brilliant innovations that would keep elevating the consumer experience with each of its products.

The company has always been deep-rooted with its primary value of being correlative to the human element of consumers beyond just catering to some technological advancement. It all focuses on touching their lives and making a powerful impact.

HEINRICH has done numerous Metro and Commercial projects. Remembering a project that made the team go innovative in no time, Mr. Jitendra recalls the project completed in 2018 for a Leading Corporate Giant in Bangalore, wherein they had to provide IP PAVA System and that company’s backhand IT Team refused to share IP due to their internal policies. HEINRICH provided the solution as expected by its clients for the cabling of the project was done keeping note of the IP PAVA solution.

The market is highly dynamic and ever demanding. HEINRICH looks at its brighter side as an opportunity to excel and grow. To fulfil the heightened customer expectations, the R & D team here steadily keep working on the latest trends and comes up with out of the box innovations that clients find exciting. As the company launches any new products, the client acknowledges and implements the same in their projects.

With deep insights and class apart services around all aspects of the technology, HEINRICH has enabled its clients to choose, implement, and manage in a way that helps them to stay on-time and on-budget.

Rise and Shine by overcoming constraints

Amidst the horrific outbreak of Covid-19 globally, where uncertainty and fear prevailed in the world. Keeping up with the normal industrial operations in pandemic situations was the biggest challenge the company has had to encounter. Companies across the globe, has been laying off employees and also many of them have to shut their operations.

HEINRICH was determined to put all the efforts to rise and shine. It has made the highest ever recruitments last year in quarter- 2 after the surge of first wave in India. Due to the pressure of delivering projects on time, be it supply or installation it has been achieving all the milestones on time without putting much pressure on the current employees as it added new members to the family and successfully manage to keep the commitment.

New Horizons Ahead

The high reputation of HEINRICH in the global market has aided immense pace to its growth in India. HEINRICH INDIA today, with completing 9 highly successful years in India has fulfilled more than 1300 deliverables as products for IT/ ITES/ BPO/ Hospitality/ Healthcare/ Industries/ Automobile/ Banking and currently is working for over 5 Metro projects, 3 more in the pipeline and more than 12 plus airports and few more are expected in next 2 quarters. HEINRICH INDIA is soaring high in the Indian market.

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