Bikker Singh (ScalingWeb Technologies) – Business Sight’s Elite League of Innovators in India 2021

“Tenacious and passionate entrepreneur leveraging technology in the IT industry”

Having started his journey as a web developer during his college days, Bikker Singh today is the founder of He is a passionate web developer with vast experience in several popular development platforms. He started his journey as a web developer during his college days where he received projects from clients through various popular freelance portals. As his client base grew, he felt the need to streamline everything to deliver the best services on time, which eventually led to the inception of Scaling Web is a gamut of IT services, ranging from website design to development, mobile app development to digital marketing, and everything in between.

Being Committed To Goals

The team of Scaling Web aims to get more customers and revenues for the clients through their incredible web services. Mr Bikker asserts, “As our clients’ businesses grow, we grow too, but more than that, we develop a strong bond with our clients that lasts forever. We want to build a conducive environment for our employees where they can explore new verticals to help the clients using new and innovative techniques.” He aims to provide social and psychological satisfaction to the employees and arrange frequent training and development programmes. According to him, the business can prosper if the people employed can improve their skills and develop their abilities and competencies in the course of time.

He believes in diversity, tolerance, compassion, love and implements all these values in the company to maintain a friendly environment. These values allow him to develop a long-lasting relation with the clients and at times help him in getting out of precarious situations.

The Journey Behind

The world of the web has always enticed the founder and therefore, he always wanted to use the platform to create new and interesting things. Initially, the founder was flying solo but as time passed, he felt the need of having a team of like-minded individuals which eventually led to the foundation of Scaling Web. Mr Bikker asserts, “Like all other start-up owners, I too had to face several challenges, but I was lucky to find an amazing team of web developers, designers, mobile app developers, and digital marketers who made my job a lot easier.”  Scaling Web today is the leading IT firm and stand out from its competitors as it provides customized solutions to its clients at the most affordable rates.

Speaking about himself, Mr Bikker says, “I’m tenacious; whatever I desire, I work hard and get it. I don’t shy away from experimenting, which makes me successful today. From a passionate freelancer to a professional businessman, it has been a long journey for me with several ups and downs where I’ve learned a lot about the corporate ecosystem of the country. I know every bit of what my company offers to clients, which allows me to provide precise solutions within their budget. I think I have passion and love for what we’re doing and what our company is about.”

Being Innovative

Scaling Web provides customized IT services to all its clients and thus has always been innovative in terms of the offering. Remembering an innovative project, Mr Bikker says, “There was a project where the client wanted his website in two languages, but without the Google Translate plugin, as the translation was not 100% correct. Then, he wanted a mobile app of the same website, which made things a lot trickier for us. But we were up for the challenge, courtesy of a great development team. We accomplished the task before the deadline and everybody including the client was satisfied with the results.”

Stepping Into Future

With the ever-growing development in the field of Information Technology, Scaling Web anticipates huge changes in a couple of years from now. The prevalence of blockchain and AI would evolve the company into a bigger, better and more advanced IT firm. The company has already incorporated blockchain technology into the projects and they would continue to innovate the new technologies coming to the force.

Their strategy for the work has always been straightforward and they work for the satisfaction of the clients even if it means walking an extra mile for the same.

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