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What are some fun facts about twitter?

Do you know what is the name of the blue bird we see in Twitter’s logo??? Check out some really […]

Business Sight List of Top 10 Most Advanced Robots in the World

Robots are one of the best creations of the mankind. The term ‘robot’ is derived  from  the  word ‘Robota’ which […]

Top 20 most popular apps with estimated net worth 2020

The digital world has taken over, especially since people are trapped in their homes due to on-going coronavirus pandemic. In […]

Infosys Bengaluru evacutes office

The cases of the virus have risen in the country as the number of infected people is being isolated. The […]

Role of technology in education sector

Education is experiencing a tectonic shift in the methodologies and teaching styles. Prior to the digitalizing of the education sector, […]

IT services in healthcare sector

Over the years, healthcare has become one of the vital businesses in the world especially, the services and the health […]

What are the types of AI ?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making big waves in the technological ecosystem and with time, it is gradually gaining more recognition […]

How Blockchain is finding applications?

Blockchain is often regarded with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. More people are into launching cryptocurrency-based businesses and investors have actively traded […]

Smart grid systems – More efficient power transmission along with quicker restoration

The world’s electricity grid was built when primary energy was relatively inexpensive and resources were a lot, while today’s world […]

AR and VR trends in different industries

Two of the leading technological fields that are constantly innovating and progressing are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). […]

How Automotive technology is changing auto industry ?

Cars are become smarter and more automated with a lot of innovative technology just like smartphones that are equipped for […]

How logistics industry is change with technology ?

The technological innovations are making big waves across industries, and logistics may be one of the most impacted sectors and […]