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Top 20 most popular apps with estimated net worth 2020

The digital world has taken over, especially since people are trapped in their homes due to on-going coronavirus pandemic. In […]

Infosys Bengaluru evacutes office

The cases of the virus have risen in the country as the number of infected people is being isolated. The […]

Role of technology in education sector

Education is experiencing a tectonic shift in the methodologies and teaching styles. Prior to the digitalizing of the education sector, […]

IT services in healthcare sector

Over the years, healthcare has become one of the vital businesses in the world especially, the services and the health […]

What are the types of AI ?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making big waves in the technological ecosystem and with time, it is gradually gaining more recognition […]

How Blockchain is finding applications?

Blockchain is often regarded with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. More people are into launching cryptocurrency-based businesses and investors have actively traded […]

Smart grid systems – More efficient power transmission along with quicker restoration

The world’s electricity grid was built when primary energy was relatively inexpensive and resources were a lot, while today’s world […]

AR and VR trends in different industries

Two of the leading technological fields that are constantly innovating and progressing are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). […]

How Automotive technology is changing auto industry ?

Cars are become smarter and more automated with a lot of innovative technology just like smartphones that are equipped for […]

How logistics industry is change with technology ?

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ERP trends and popular options

The ERP market has fast evolved with vendors offering enterprise-wide solutions and organizations will not let inflexible system solutions get […]

How Enterprise mobility solutions are evolving with technology ?

The world is a hyper-connected today, through the internet and rapid technological progressions in mobile innovations keep on testing the […]