Infosys Bengaluru evacutes office

The cases of the virus have risen in the country as the number of infected people is being isolated. The total number stands at 81 confirmed cases. Infosys has evacuated the building in Bengaluru after an employee comes in contact with the suspected covid-19 patient. The state governments are asking IT and other professionals working in air-conditioned placed to work from home for the time being. The development has come to contain the outbreak in the country and prevent further spread of the virus. The state government of Karnataka has advised the IT firms and professionals to work from home for about a week in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

The company has said that it received a piece of information as its employee from the IIPM building may have been in proximity to an individual with suspected covid-19, as per internal communication from the office. The IIPM building was evacuated on Friday as a precautionary measure. The company asserted on Saturday adding that the place was being sanitized, again as a precautionary measure.

Infosys management has urged its employees to stay calm as the evacuation was a precautionary step to avoid the spread of the virus and to ensure the employees’ safety.

The state has recorded three of the six confirmed coronavirus patients in Karnataka are from the IT sector and hence, the state has issued an advisory to the IT firms and its employees.