Tanmoy Banerjee (RT Network Solutions Pvt Ltd – Business Sight Media) – Business Sight’s Topmost Thriving Entrepreneurs to Follow 2021

“Don’t be afraid to TRY. You might fail at times but if you don’t try you will never reach where you want to be.”     

Tanmoy Banerjee, the CEO of RT Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. always dreamt of doing something of his own and making his presence in the industry. Completing his engineering in Electrical and Electronics in the year 1999, Tanmoy started working in HCL and rose in ranks constantly but his childhood dream always reminded him as to what he aimed to be and thereafter in the year 2004 he left his stable job in HCL and started his own company named RT Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd with just 3 trusted people and taking up a loan of INR 3 lakhs.

RT Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd is the IT Enabled and digital service company that holds expertise in Network Services, IT Security, Digital Marketing, Facility Management, GIS Services and Custom Software. Tanmoy aims to make his company the most sorted after service Delivery company in India having their engineers in all districts of the nation for any service requirement like server, desktop, printer, router, software implementation, Wi-Fi deployment, ATM installation, Link maintenance, Telecom links implementation and many more.

Talking about his childhood dream, Tanmoy quotes, “Since childhood, I have always wanted to do something of my own and make a mark. I have never been afraid to take a risk and try something new in life. So, I left a stable job and started this company. I wanted to generate employment and give chance to hundreds and thousands of those candidates who are maybe not the top 1 % so far as the educational degree is concerned but have an urge to succeed and make it big in life. All my colleagues who work with me in my team have the same dream and the same energy level. I always believe that a captain is as good as his team.”

Being the first-generation entrepreneur of his family, Tanmoy had no idea about the work-arounds of a business nor had money to start his company but the zeal and the idea remained firm. Initially, Tanmoy used to go to the client site to work along with his engineers to get them trained. He used to maintain all the expenses incurred in an excel sheet on the daily basis, note down his daily revenues in a notebook, went to the bank to deposit money to the bank account of his engineers for their travelling expense (as it wasn’t an era of net banking). He quotes, “I was the peon as well as the CEO of the company”. The early days have been a bit challenging where he had to manage and generate funds for the company, understand taxation and simultaneously move with the ever-changing technology.

Among various innovative projects, one that he remembers is when they got involved in the Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) in 2011 Project when the Govt Of India did the census paperless with the help of Tabs having questionnaire. The demand was for a huge pool of Data Entry Operators (DEO’s) whose duty was to collect data from home to home. They deployed approximately 10000 DEO’s in 4 districts of West Bengal, 3 districts of Bihar, 1 district of Jharkhand and 1 district of Orissa. Planning the entire activity with so many people on the daily basis and then uploading the data to the server needed huge planning and a lot of smart work clubbed with technology and automation.

The company has spread its branches in the field of services and has opened few verticals which include Digital Marketing and Rancho’s, the EdTech startup having highly experienced IIT pass outs with 2 decades of experience in education and industry.

The philosophy of doing business for Tanmoy is very simple and crystal clear. For him, keeping commitment to the client, hard work, dedication and the urge to do things creatively is important. Sincerity, patience, planning, keeping transparency and timelines with the client are the core values which the entire team incorporates. Today, RT Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Has 1000 employees on rolls and 3000+ people on a contractual basis. The company today has spread the branches strong and firm all across India and world.

For More Details: https://www.rtns.in/