Vamsi Udayagiri (Hesa Enterprises Private Limited) – Business Sight’s Topmost Thriving Entrepreneurs to Follow 2021

Working towards providing an equitable life and livelihood to India’s rural population.

India being an agricultural country, over 70% of employment is dependent on agriculture and allied activities. It is only the niche that is experiencing the touch of technology, thanks to those enthusiasts who are determined to do something for pain-stricken farmers and others in the hinterland.

Hesa is a company dedicated to leveraging technology and human capital to empower those in rural areas of India. Team Hesa believes that while there are many Agri-Tech and Fin-Tech companies, their efforts make Rural Tech come alive.

As aptly put by its founder, Mr. Vamsi Udayagiri, “Hesa is a Rural Genie connecting Bharat with India and India with Bharat Phygitally.  The core offering is a physical network of micro entrepreneurs spread across villages who are connected digitally through Hesa’s Tech platform. The company’s unique approach is its integrated platform with forward and backward linkages which connects both ends and establishes the buying and selling process with doorstep access.

Hesa is a hence a rural market place which is sector or brand agnostic. It is a win-win-win for businesses waiting to tap the rural markets, village level entrepreneurs, including farmers, wanting to sell their produce and the rural customers requiring products and services including financial transactions. By doing so, Hesa is enabling livelihoods at multiple levels irrespective of genders.

Driving Success & Upscaling Hesa

Mr. Vamsi Udayagiri – Founder & CEO of Hesa, is at the forefront of the company. He has always been highly fascinated with rural value chain and is on a mission to empower millions of rural livelihoods. He believes that the rural population should also ride the fast-growing technology.

With his ability to convert ideas into action, which are scalable, and his earnest desire to take people along, he helped solve the pain-points of his customers. This way, he earned their trust which further encouraged him to scale-up to undertake larger challenges.

His focused efforts are indeed going in the right direction and therefore, Vamsi can create a major impact at scale.

“I am very keen on bridging the gap to help the world’s largest customer base that resides in rural India have an equitable life and lifestyle to their counterparts residing in metros and cities.  Through Hesa, we are creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for thousands of people right at their villages and aim to enable millions more,” asserts Mr. Vamsi.

Shaping the Journey

Mr. Vamsi began as an entrepreneur in 2001 by establishing his first start-up – Riddles ‘n’ Clues. When the entire IT industry was focused on a wide spectrum of ERP and CRM, he carved a niche in the Supply Chain domain. He built relevant tools and solutions in Supply Chain and After Market Supply Chain and partnered with large corporates like Pepsi Co, Gillette, Luxor, and Ray-Ban. After six successful years, Mr. Vamsi sold this firm at a profit of 3X.

Afterwards, he joined Ramco in 2007 as Pre-Sales Head for India’s first On-demand ERP. During this stint he sharpened his understanding of ‘Go to Market Strategies’, ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’, etc.  Despite the progress and position he enjoyed, the urge to put the experiences into the rural ecosystem stayed close to his heart.

Finally, in 2010, he honored this urge and went on exploring nearly 4,000 villages across the length and breadth of the country. His understanding of the real India, the market dynamics, and the gaps was sharpened during this phase. By the end of the two years, Vamsi had made up his mind and the vision was clear. He decided to blend his passion for Rural and experience with Supply Chain.

Stellar Entrepreneurship

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, Mr. Vamsi was advised to stop all activities and retain minimum staff to cut losses. But the thought about how will people who were homebound sustain themselves if they don’t get necessities and how will farmers be able to sell their produce during lockdown; pushed him to go against the tide. It truly was a defining moment for him.

“So, instead of slowing down or closing operations, I pulled in my years of experience in working with rural ecosystems and started expanding Hesa’s rural outreach,” states Mr. Vamsi.

He further adds, “Since commencing operations in April 2020, we have cemented over 35 B2B partnerships and 7.5 Lakh rural consumers have already availed our services and products”. With that renewed rigor, Vamsi is targeting to reach 50,000 villages in the next two years and thereby enable several sustainable livelihoods.

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