The Revolutionary Changes in the Businesses

The Revolutionary Changes in the Businesses - Chatur Ideas

The recent Indian startup ecosystem has redefined the entrepreneurial journey by accelerating growth and success through disruptive technologies. While leaving the prominent impressions of contributing towards the growth of such startups, the founder and CEO of Chatur Ideas, Devesh Chawla, has been mentoring and investing into the thriving startups while adding useful insights into technological advancements. With his startup enabling platform and numerous investments in flourishing startups, he has been significantly encouraging technological transformations in the current business market. As his mantras seem to focus on building an adaptable, impactful and sustainable startup, his strategies have been all about adequately harmonizing the mentorship programs with strategizing solutions for entrepreneurs to remain functional even during the unfavourable markets like for the current ones! His endless contribution to startup space has been recognized by multiple accolades including Youth Leadership Award” by Trade Commissioner of Canada, “Mahatma Gandhi Samman Award”, “Entrepreneur of the Year 2018” and “CEO of the Year 2019.” He was also chosen as one of the speakers of the popular TEDx stage where his success stories and the entrepreneurial journey was summed up with a title of "Don't just start a startup."

The rapid and significant technological advancements have uncovered endless opportunities and revolutionary changes in the business arena. Whether we talk about information communications technology (ICT), artificial intelligence (AI) or nanotechnology, the breakthroughs have been enhancing the regular operations of any business while bringing a transformative shift in how an enterprise functions. The major shift in the current way of working with the unprecedented has further made a global impact in improving the standards of technology by almost making it a mandate to adapt these innovations for their organisation to thrive. Undoubtedly, there is no machine or technology to replace human intelligence, however, the innovations and revolutions have fairly made conventional operations easier by acting as a cherry on the cake!

Despite the cutthroat competition and continuous developments, few enterprises are guilty of ignoring the potential of these innovations which can certainly be proven to be useful if embraced smartly in the current scenario. With the shift of "normal" in our daily lives, it has also demanded a change in the approach of businesses and thriving startups, wherein utilising the power of innovations is the new rule of the business game!

Go Digital

Embracing the digital world will be the most convenient and smart choice for any business in the current space. When today's world starts while sipping coffees and mindlessly scrolling through the feeds which have probably become a major part of anybody's routine, it's never a great choice to not create your brand's virtual world.

Know your "new normal" customers

Indeed, customers manage to become oxygen for any business and thus, knowing their preferences and where to mostly find them can be a major game-changer for your enterprise. A Business must develop new strategies of maintaining data of their customers where big data revolution by leveraging technology can optimise your offerings and maximise your profits in no time!

Let the AI's impact roll into the business

Artificial Intelligence is another prevalent and disruptive boon of technology to uplift any company's growth. It can be a whole new way of enhancing your customer satisfaction techniques owing to interesting voice and chat-based assistance. This technology does not just reduce manual intervention but also accelerates quick and easy solutions for your customers.

Managing transactions through Blockchain

The increased usage of Blockchain in closely managing the transactions has simplified the tracking of supply chains that are extensively spread in the market. Leveraging the freshness and safety of these technologies have relatively reconstructed the ability of operations in the businesses while managing to secure multiple transactions across the internet.

5G is the rescue.

The transitions in updating networks to bring people and businesses closer to innovation, internet speed has played a major role in fueling up any enterprise's performance. Thus, another new technology shaking up multiple industries is 5G which solves the hassle of slow internet. While the current growth depends on instant results, speedy internet is always a great rescue!

In conclusion, the revolutionary changes in the businesses are indeed a great way of uplifting the growth of any enterprise when ideally leveraged with the combination of human intelligence. And, after the pandemic, the recent innovations and increased efficiency of technology has astutely been fixing the crisis of complex markets while giving a fresh chance to every business to thrive even during the roller coaster rides of the economy.

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