What are AliExpress and Dropshipping


Internet as a medium of communication has allowed us to go for digital marketing in a highly convenient way. E-commerce has made it more easier and comfortable for people to check out everything they want in a few clicks. Online shopping sites make it more frequent for the users to shop their favourite products through online websites. There are many online shopping sites for the purpose and one of them is Aliexpress.

An online retail service owned by Alibaba Group. Aliexpress made its debut into the digital marketing platform in the year 2010. The online shopping site has been offering products to international online buyers. Small businesses in China, Singapore and other locations have been making up the online shopping site more better through their contribution. The sellers who join the site are independent and they can use the platform to offer different products to buyers from different locations. Aliexpress is different from other shopping site sites such as Amazon because it works as an e-commerce platform, it does not provide the service directly to the customers. E-commerce stores or business that use a dropship business model often use Aliexpress for their convenience.

It serves as a direct connection between Chinese businesses and its buyers. Though it doesnot sell to customers in China while most of the retailers are Chinese. Aliexpress is different from another subsidiary of the company which is Taobao because it is mainly focused on international customers and Taobao focuses more on the local customers.

The site also offers an affiliate program where the partners are given a certain commission of sales for sending customers to the site. The site sells each and every product you need, from safety pin to a pan. It runs the website in many different languages such as English, French,  German, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Indonesian and Russian languages which proves how convenient it is for both the international sellers and buyers.

Aliexpress maintains the level of quality in each of its products though some of them might not be the best too. It depends upon the sellers to maintain the quality and quantity which should be worth the price.

While the site also focuses on customer convenience,  it makes sure to take necessary protocols and time to time delivery of the order.

There are many buyers from different countries who love the products they have in the site and the customers prefer to buy it from Aliexpress. So the site also takes care about everything they give to the customers.

And when it comes to the convenience of the sellers connected with the platform,  Aliexpress takes care about all their needs:

Even if you are a new entrepreneur, you can easily start your business with Aliexpress in the most easiest or convenient way.

You can set your prices of products  and markups as per your desire.

The most interesting thing is you only need to pay for the wholesale price when selling the products and then the profit margin is all yours. You don’t have to pay any amount to get started which means you saved all those money you were going to spend on upfront costs.

When starting a new business, there are loads of paperwork to do which is quite frustrating too. But when it comes to do it with Aliexpress, you don’t have to think much about procedures because of its drop shipping tool. Its drop shipping is so simple, easy to do and has low risk for new e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Besides all of this, the main thing we need to do is advertising and promoting your business which is also a very difficult thing if you are not enough to manage everything. But Aliexpress does it for you. It is a super easy platform which helps you to understand everything quickly.

There are some amazing statistics related to the site too:

  1. Aliexpress sells over 100 million products to different customers around the globe.
  2. Over 200 million people visit the site every month.
  3. Over 600 million people have installed the app till date.
  4. Aliexpress offers free shipping scheme for over 75% of its products.
  5. The Alibaba group hold 56% share of all e-commerce retail in China.

However, in November 2020, India’s government under the leadership of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned Aliexpress and 42 other apps from China.

Isn’t it amazing. Online shopping sites have been serving us  for everything we want. We can get anything we want in a most convenient way.