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Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence in Facility Management

Did you know what was one of the first things mankind did once he found himself shelter – Facility Management; An art that involves a plethora of tasks such as Housekeeping, Safety, Hygiene, Security, Surveillance, Energy Management, Pest Control… what not are these but for necessities and primitive instincts we garnered through evolution, right?

Owing to its essentiality for sustenance, we can say with utmost surety that the FM Industry is one that is driven by genuine need and value brought to a system. Professional and compliant Facility Management is a critical role integral to the ethos of a healthy ecosystem. Many of us have further understood and realized this amidst the restraints of the COVID pandemic, where safety and hygiene are priorities that define our existence.

Uncertainty aside, we can foresee a great rise in demand for Facility Management Services in India from a current value of over 150 Billion USD with an estimated CAGR of 20%.

Foreseeing this future potential of the FM Sector way back in 1995, Embassy Services was established as the Property Management arm of the Embassy Group, one of the real estate mammoths of the country. While the initial focus was to cater to the need of managing the group owned assets and properties, through the leadership of Mr. Pradeep Lala, today ESPL services over 170 clients across the Real Estate spectrum.

Driving the Unparalleled Success

At the forefront of the company is Mr. Pradeep Lala – the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Embassy Services. He took the office in 2013 and within a short time, he has taken Embassy Services to become one of the largest business units within the Embassy Group. Under his leadership, Embassy Services has expanded its operations to multiple domains and ensures business continuity to over 170 clients across 70 Million sq. ft. of space.

Mr. Pradeep has ensured that Embassy Services has become known in the Integrated Facilities Management industry for its operational excellence and dedication towards customer service.

Driving the organization on values of ‘integrity’ and ‘people-centricity,’ Pradeep believes that when these are approached with Genuity, it kindles a humane spirit that the whole system can thrive on.

To further the success quotient of the organization, Mr. Pradeep has set a milestone of 100 million sq. ft. by 2021. The pursuit of this goal can be best described by a quote from Swami Vivekananda, “Awake, arise, and stop not until the goal is reached!”

Dynamic Personality 

Mr. Pradeep holds multiple degrees with B.E. in Mechanical and an MBA in Finance. He began his career at Ingersoll Rand, where he worked for over 14 years. In early 2000, he was given an opportunity to become their channel partner in India. Grasping it, he founded the Horizon Group where he started his entrepreneurial journey.

In early 2013, he was presented with a new challenge to lead Embassy Services to its next growth phase. Despite his comfort and ongoing success, honoring the grant from his childhood buddy, well-wisher, and Chairman of the Embassy Group - Mr. Jitu Virwani, he continues to propel the organization to newer zeniths.

Few recent memories under his leadership have been the receipt of the ‘Best IFM company of the year’ by the Times Group and the Embassy Group Chairman’s award, one of the highest honorary of the Embassy Group. “Since both involve multiple successful ventures driven by extremely competent leaders, they were certainly great recognition for myself and ESPL. Another great achievement would be my organization’s completion of 25 years in 2020. Knowing that I am at the forefront and responsible for a company carrying a legacy of 25 plus years is overwhelming and motivating,” states Mr. Pradeep.

As the leader holding the responsibility of the organization’s future, Pradeep also believes that it is necessary to guide the youth of the firm as it is they who will further elevate the company to future success. He invests as much time possible in mentoring the leaders of tomorrow.

Stellar Leadership

Mr. Pradeep employs another adage – ‘the strength of the wolf is the pack!’ Whenever the organization is presented with a challenge, he approaches them without denial by seeking advice from his team. Citing his management and hard-working employees as his biggest strengths, he believes teamwork makes dreams work.

Understanding the biggest challenge in life is life itself, he recalls the coronavirus pandemic and the hard times it brought. He supposes the COVID battle has been the ultimate test of his and his team’s abilities. But he is also grateful for having to constantly adapt and find solutions to new challenges. He feels immensely proud to be part of a team that stood by humanity at such a tough time.

Standing Apart from the Crowd

Mr. Pradeep has a different perspective when it comes to competition. He does not see any player in the FM industry as a competitor but rather as an opportunity to collaborate and work towards the betterment of the world and its space. He leverages his organization’s experience in managing owned assets and properties, customized technology tools, and a 100% owned manpower firm that has over 8000 professionals PAN India to prove his managerial excellence. By enhancing on the core strengths of flexibility, reliability, and scalability, he leads the organization to deliver its motto of operational excellence, every day, every time.

“Our biggest strengths that set us apart from the rest is the experience managing owned assets and integration of technology. Known under the name of ‘E-Spectrum,’ we developed a set of over 12 tools that continue to reshape the way we look at the day to day operations in facility management. While we were at it, we had to ensure that the tools aid our Manpower toward better delivery and not replace them as such. This was important as our business is a very people-oriented business that requires a very personal touch, delivered with a smile. After all, facility management is about giving life to spaces,” asserts Mr. Pradeep.

New Horizons

The future is bright for the FM industry. Given that safety and hygiene are the utmost priorities needed for our sustenance, professional FM services such as Embassy Services will see a great rise in demand. They will cater to this need and expand their footprint across the open markets and venture into the Northern regions of the country where the future potential is at its peak.

“Whilst I am certainly excited on what the future has to hold and look forward to our clients resuming full occupancy at the office, it will be interesting to watch the dynamic change of our work culture and modules. Uncertainties aside, we will continue to focus on what we do best and innovate newer tools and technologies that elevate our delivery in FM operations.

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We are also eagerly waiting on the delayed launch of our own FM training institute. Education is one of our key areas for CSR and since there is a huge need for skilled manpower in the FM sector, people can look at pursuing FM as a career and this will also boost opportunities for education and employment in the country, thus contributing to a growing economy.”