Kishor Sonawane (Varutra Consulting Pvt. Ltd) – Business Sight’s Topmost Thriving Entrepreneurs to Follow 2021

Securing Digital World by Incorporating Offensive & Defensive Security Tactics

The onset of the digital era brought a set of challenges that threatens the foundation of organizations. Cybersecurity is a big concern for several firms because the consequences of cyber-attacks are devastating. To make themselves safe and secure, organizations need sophisticated cybersecurity in place as well as when incorporating the digitalization within the organization for smoother execution of the businesses.

Leveraging cybersecurity, Pune-based Varutra Consulting is one of the leading companies in the cybersecurity niche. Its tailored services help in protecting organizations against cyber threats. With its ground-breaking cybersecurity solutions and services, the company serves Indian clients as well as international ones from Singapore, Middle East, North America, and Australia.

Varutra Consulting offers its services across verticals such as technology, BFSI, manufacturing, telecom, pharmaceutical, private and government organizations. Its services include Business & IT Services, Strategic Consulting, Big Data Solutions, Web & Mobile Applications Development with IT Security Services, Audit & Compliance, and Professional QA & Staffing Services.

Recently, Varutra Consulting being part of Infoshare has also developed AI integrated products for healthcare and is working on a few IT security products as well.

The Persona Propelling Company to New Heights

At the helm of Varutra Consulting is Mr. Kishor Sonawane – Founder & CEO. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Pune. Starting his career in a start-up before moving to MNC, he experienced challenges that were opportunities in disguise to create a service, write a business plan, build a team to front-end security assessments for numerous clients.

These challenges and two decades of experience in IT Security and specialization in Penetration Testing, Network Security Assessment, Web and Mobile Application Security Assessment to Social Engineering activities, InfoSec audits, formed the foundation for starting his company.

In 2013, Mr. Kishor embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. In October 2018, Infoshare Systems Inc., USA acquired the company and Mr. Kishor was appointed as the CEO. This acquisition opened new and big market opportunities. Riding on the wave, Mr. Kishor began offering various services to the industry like IT Consulting, Skilled Staffing, Information Security Services, Trainings. The company is CERT-In empaneled organization that enables it to help and secure the Indian government organizations and PSU.

Dynamic Leader

“I always wanted to bridge the gap between the client’s expectation, the services they need and the services industry offers. I strongly believe that being into consulting you need to not just understand what is the client’s requirement but also identify what is needed to achieve security in totality by applying your expertise. My goal is to keep providing best-in-class Cyber Security Services consisting of technical assessments, managed SOC services, and create innovative solutions making today and tomorrow’s digital world safe for everyone,” asserts Mr. Kishor.

Being passionate since childhood, Mr. Kishor’s belief of doing things differently he persistently plans to improve the solutions, services and offerings at Infoshare- Varutra. He got introduced to cybersecurity in 2002 and since then, he found himself awestruck by this prominent and demanding field. Down the line, his passion only grew and he began to push boundaries for the IT Security industry.

Along with a passion for cybersecurity, he has employed key values such as teamwork, customer first, quality, commitment, and trust. These key values form the core of the company and everyone in Varutra follows the example. Mr. Kishor is constantly encouraging individuals to enjoy working, be more creative, achieve growth while contributing to the company’s success.

Visionary Leadership

Since Varutra is now part of Infoshare Systems Inc., Mr. Kishor has determined to augment the services portfolio. He has proposed to continue the existing services. Under his leadership, the company has set up a dedicated managed SOC platform for security monitoring and threat intelligence services. Aggressive plans are being set up for its security and healthcare product solutions enabled with AI/ML technologies.

“We continuously try to improve our processes to deliver better results to our clients. Infoshare-Varutra has been very successful in providing uninterrupted services during the ongoing COVD-19 Pandemic and gains more trust in terms of reliability from the industry. We are now a 24X7, 365 days services provider into SOC monitoring, development, etc.,” states Mr. Kishor.

Mr. Kishor along with his team is vigorously researching and innovating to help the technology accelerate business functions, enhance work efficiency, and productive environment and provide increased ROI to customers.

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