Ganesh Natarajan (5F World) – Business Sight’s Topmost Thriving Entrepreneurs to Follow 2021

Building the World of Tomorrow & Enabling Sustainable Digital Future

With the rise of digital era, businesses are migrating towards digital space. The latest technologies are bringing a paradigm shift in the digital domain. Digital transformation has become necessary for all businesses to stay afloat. Through innovation, there are several companies that are helping various organizations on this transformative journey.

Among such fine firms is 5F World that has been delivering digital transformation via innovation. The company has a balanced approach to processes, technology, and data. By integrating technology and culture, 5F World has built solutions that accelerate digital transformation. By doing so, the company is building a digital future.

The company enables organizations to reap the benefits of digital transformation via its human-centric approach. It also enables its customers to act flexibly that creates a friendly environment. It is creating the success stories of Digital India 2.0. The company is making Digital India 2.0 a reality by taking initiative and bringing corporations, innovative start-ups and SMEs, civil society, and every citizen on a transformative journey.

5F World moves fast with a focus on results and building digital futures.

Stellar Entrepreneur

At the helm of 5F World is Dr. Ganesh Natarajan – the Executive Chairman & Founder. Dr. Ganesh has a Masters in Industrial Engineering from NITIE Mumbai, a Ph.D. from IIT Bombay, an AMP from Harvard Business School. He has received the Distinguished Alumnus Award of IIT Bombay and NITIE and has been recognized by EY and the Asia Pacific HR Forum for excellence in technology entrepreneurship and people-centric leadership.

He has completed two successful CEO tenures over twenty-five years at APTECH and Zensar Technologies. Harvard Business School (HBS) has written and teaches two case studies on Dr. Ganesh Natarajan and his success through Vision Communities.

Dr. Ganesh is also Founder of Global Talent Track and Skills Alpha and co-founder of two Indo-US Joint Ventures of 5F World– Kalzoom Advisors and the Center for AI and Advanced Analytics. He is Co-Founder and Chairman of Lighthouse Communities Foundation, which pioneered the Pune City Connect model of social transformation. He is also a Board member of the State Bank of India, Hinduja Global Services, Principal Asset Management, Global Talent Track, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, and Social Venture Partners International.

Dynamic Leadership

“I became CEO of APTECH when I was 33 years old. I may not have been ready then to lead and build an organization but the confidence that I could learn on the job helped APTECH to grow from ten centers in India to 1200 centers across 41 countries with market leadership in China and 20 other countries. At Zensar, I had the opportunity to do an Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School and the network I built there created two successful case studies about the company and my style of leadership and also generated tens of millions of dollars of business from friends I made there,” states Dr. Ganesh.

Setting Higher Benchmarks in the Industry

Dr. Ganesh started 5F World to make an impact on the digital and social landscape of India. He also had envisioned to help young entrepreneurs to spread their wings in the global market. He brings a breeze of fresh air to help young succeed beyond their own limits of thought and aspiration. His biggest strength is the relentless quest for opportunities to make a difference – to young people and the country.

He defined 5F World as Fast, Focused, Flexible, Friendly, and Fun. His vision is to look deeply at scope of his company in all businesses and thereby, making a difference in the lives of others.

Dr. Ganesh is poised to build the CEOs of tomorrow that will be self-confident and will lead each part of the company to a tryst with a global destiny. With his vision, he is aiming to touch the One Trillion-dollar Digital economy in India that will enable Indian youths to find a sustainable livelihood in the country.

Striving a Difference

With his unique Digital reengineering approach where makes his company focus on Customer & Employee Journeys, Core & Edge Technologies, Business Process Redesign, Data & Analytics, and Culture & Skills sets he is making his company stand apart.

Dr. Ganesh is always seeking the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

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