Top 20 most popular apps with estimated net worth 2020

The digital world has taken over, especially since people are trapped in their homes due to on-going coronavirus pandemic.

In such a time when apps are making big waves, let’s take a look at the top 20 apps of 2020


Business Sight Magazine-Whatsapp


Founded: 2009

Revenue: USD 5 Billion

Downloads: 5.875 Billion

When Facebook took over in early 2014 the popularity of grown drastically in the last six years. It is the best communication and instant messaging tool.


Business Sight Magazine-Facebook


Founded: 2004

Revenue: USD 527 Billion

Downloads: 5.478 Billion

After WhatsApp, seeing Facebook on #2 isn’t surprising at all. All the scandals, privacy policies, and the movement, the app still remains supreme. Despite the wide popularity, this app has 10.2 million one-star ratings.


Business Sight Magazine-Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Founded: 2008

Revenue: USD 527 Billion

Downloads: 4.756 Billion

Facebook messenger reinforces the control of Facebook’s empire over the smartphone app marketplace.


Business Sight Magazine-Instagram


Founded: 2010

Revenue: USD 527 Billion

Downloads: 2.796 Billion

Another product owned by Facebook. It was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and has fewer one-star rating than the messenger.


Business Sight Magazine-SubwaySurfers

Subway Surfers

Founded: 2012

Revenue: USD 30 Billion

Downloads: 1.249 Billion

An endless runner game that was released in 2012 and still has popularity among smartphone users. The game has climbed and dropped places several times.


Business Sight Magazine-FBLite

Facebook Lite

Founded: 2016

Revenue: USD 527 Billion

Downloads: 1.492 Billion

Back to Facebook again, the Lite version of the app is for the users with low-end devices and with the accessibility of 2G data networks. The app has jumped six ranks and doubled its total number of downloads in the last few months.


Business Sight Magazine-Shareit


Founded: 2015

Revenue: USD … Billion

Downloads: 1.290 Billion

Shareit is the first non-Google productivity app that has made it to the top 20 list. As the app transfers large files between devices in seconds, the app has gained popularity.


Business Sight Magazine-Excel

Microsoft Excel (New)

Founded: 1989

Revenue: USD 44.3 Billion

Downloads: 1.284 Billion

Both Excel and PowerPoint have garnered more downloads than Word. The company has made efforts into the mobile market and gained traction in recent years.


Business Sight Magazine-PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint

Founded: 1989

Revenue: USD 44.3 Billion

Downloads: 1.264 Billion

People are using the mobile app of PowerPoint more frequently.


Business Sight Magazine-Word

Microsoft Word

Founded: 1989

Revenue: USD 44.3 Billion

Downloads: 1.259 Billion

With Word, Microsoft has gained a strong foothold in the mobile market.


Business Sight Magazine-Snapchat


Founded: 2011

Revenue: USD 4.6 Billion

Downloads: 1.165 Billion

It is often said that Instagram has stolen Snapchat’s best features but the app has more than 150 million daily users.


Business Sight Magazine-OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive (New)

Founded: 2007

Revenue: USD 44.3 Billion

Downloads: 1.151 Billion

Another app from Microsoft in the mobile market.


Business Sight Magazine-Skype


Founded: 2003

Revenue: USD … Billion

Downloads: 1.093 Billion

It is debatable whether Skype is still the best video-calling app.


Business Sight Magazine-CleanMaster

Clean Master: Space Cleaner & Antivirus

Founded: 2009

Revenue: USD 764.6 Million

Downloads: 1.054 Billion

A controversial app that is infamous for piling bloatware and nag screens into its working.


Business Sight Magazine-Twitter


Founded: 2006

Revenue: USD 3.46 Billion

Downloads: 1 Billion

Twitter is the fourth most popular social app.


Business Sight Magazine-CandyCrush

Candy Crush Saga

Founded: 2012

Revenue: USD … Million

Downloads: 1 Billion

Another popular game in the list.


Business Sight Magazine-Dropbox


Founded: 2007

Revenue: USD 12 Million

Downloads: 840 Million

The best-known cloud storage service app.


Business Sight Magazine-Viber


Founded: 2010

Revenue: USD 900 Million

Downloads: 817 Million

Offers instant messaging, video calls, etc.


Business Sight Magazine-Line


Founded: 2000

Revenue: USD 11 Billion

Downloads: 810 Million

Another instant messaging app.


Business Sight Magazine-Flipboard


Founded: 2010

Revenue: USD … Million

Downloads: 617 Million

Offers news, conversations, compelling stories.