Business Sight List of Top 10 Most Advanced Robots in the World

Robots are one of the best creations of the mankind. The term 'robot' is derived  from  the  word 'Robota' which means hard work or forced labor. The first digitally operated robot was invented by George Devol. Robots only do the work they are programmed. The first humanoid robot was known as Electro. Are you curious about robots? How well is it developed? If you are searching for the answers to these questions, then you are on the right place.

These are the 10 most advanced robots in the world:


ASIMO is a humanoid robot. It was created by Honda in 2000 and it has been continuously developed by the company.  It is known as the world's most advanced robot. It can easily recognize postures and gestures,  and moving objects. It is able to understand the environment around it and has the ability to interact with humans.  It can also use the stairs. It can also run and walk.


PEPPER was first introduced and showcased in Softbank's Mobil stores in Japan in 2014. It can recognize different emotions of humans and is able to have conversations with people.


This robot was first revealed at CES 2019. It is made by Ubtech but is due to be released in the coming 18 months. Its tallness is 1.45m. It also has the ability to walk quickly but smoothly and it can also grasp and manipulate objects.


At CES 2019 , Samsung released three robots which were Bot Retail, Bot Care, Bot Air in which Bot Retail was the biggest one with an additional large front display and basic shelving system at it's back. It can also make payments using NFC technology and can also recognize objects using NFC.

5 . Sanbot

Sanbot is a very intelligent,  cloud enabled robot which is generally used for service. This robot is developed by Qihan Technology.  It can easily interact with people. It is a presentable robot. It can present using its front screen.  It also has a built-in-projector which can display graphics on a nearby wall.

6 . NAO

NAO was released in 2008 which is one of the most iconic robots in the world till date. NAO is dynamic and agile. It can work with autistic children and can also run exercise sessions in care homes.


Romeo is also a creation of Softbank's Robotics which was launched in 2009. It is specifically designed to provide assistance to the elderly and disabled.  He is designed to improve the well being of people around him and to help with everyday tasks and can also make conversations and play games.

8 . PARO

PARO is a therapeutic baby seal robot. It is designed to be cute to have a calming effect on the patients in hospitals and nursing homes.  Its system is similar to that of an animal assisted therapy.  It is highly successful as a therapeutic robot with good results especially with diseases such as dementia. It responds so naturally to touch as a real pet does when we usually pat them.

9 . Buddy

Buddy is an emotional companion robot developed by Blue Frog Robotics. Buddy can connect and interact people.  It also protects people when necessary.  It can be a perfect personal assistant.

10 . MIRO

MIRO is a robust and adaptable robot. It is very good at communicating its feelings. It is the first robot in the world that runs a brain-inspired biomimetic operating system.  It acts more like a pet than a robot.


These are the most innovative robots of all time. Robots are very helpful to the mankind. Robots are also used for discoveries. Robots are used in domestic way too. Sometimes robots can help in hospitals to treat patients. Robots can do everything that a human cannot do and that's why they are the best innovation of all time.