Vishal Shah (Founder & CEO, Synersoft Technologies) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Empowering Entrepreneurs 2022

The word Super-Tech is self-explanatory. Our selection as one of the Top 50 Super-Tech Brands of 2021 by The Leader's Globe Magazine says it all. It was all about Versatility, Agility, and Dependability. This time, the criteria were about how versatile your product is on technical aspects. They also specifically looked for how agile your R&D is. Finally, they evaluated how the customers depend on the product for mission-critical goals.


Coverage of Wide Spectrum of Functionalities


Introduction of New Features every quarter consistently


Ensuring the New Features work and add Immediate Value

— Versatality
They recognized BLACKbox as the most versatile IT product for MSMEs. It covers functionalities of File Server, Domain Controller, Device Hardening, Firewall, DLP, Email Vigilance, End Point Controls, Application Virtualization, Remote Applications Access, Productivity Monitoring, Cloud Backup, to list a few.

While doing so,
• It saves software and hardware licensing cost
• Standardizes IT infrastructure
• Protects data from loss due to Deletion, Infection, and Disaster
• Protects data from leakage or theft over USB ports, Email Attachments, Blind Carbon Copy, and the Internet

— Agility
They considered BLACKbox for its agility to add new features every quarter. In the year 2021 we added many features as per the changing norms of computing, internal threat mitigation objectives, and BYOD environment. The most practical features are listed as,
• Blind VPN to allow work from home or remote users to connect to VPN without knowing VPN server IP address or credentials. It enhances data security in multiple folds.
• AAA (Access Applications Anywhere) to allow WFH or remote users to access enterprise's legacy ERP or customized applications remotely in fast and secured way.
• Happy Hours to isolate enterprise data while users access the unrestricted Internet for research or business development.
• Multipurpose software agent to act as device hardening agent, VPN client, as well as cloud backup agent.
• Applications Controls to restrict users to access specific applications in work group environment (without domain environment)
• Dual Profiling Technology to allow work and personal profile on BYOD users' Windows Laptops or Android Devices or iOS Devices.
• Backup Dashboard to give complete visibility on Backup Integrity and Status

— Dependability
They endorsed BLACKbox as a dependable product for following reasons.
• 97 percent of subscription contract renewal track record
• Industry First Buy Back Policy when customer upgrades to a larger capacity BLACKbox
• Vertical Agnostic Character - It can be equally useful to any vertical of the Industry. Currently BLACKbox is being used by Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Biotech, Chemicals, CA Firms, Architect Firms, KPOs, BPOs for their Data Loss, Leakage, and Theft Prevention needs.

We thank all our customers for giving us valuable insights to evolve BLACKbox to what it is today. We feel more responsible and motivated while stepping in 2022.

Best Regards,
Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO,
Synersoft Technologies Private Limited

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