Syed Ali Farhan(Director, The Moving Heads Events Pvt. Ltd ) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Empowering Entrepreneurs 2022

The Moving Heads Draft

  • Bringing enchanting experiences & events worth being reminisced on forever!

An impactful event crafts memories that last for a lifetime, because it has the power and magic to become an enthralling experience. Of course, bringing a spellbound charm for a live audience is indeed a more challenging task when it comes making it spectacular and flawless altogether! Planning and executing events, no matter small-scale one or a mega event needs a contemporary thought process bringing creative, technical, and logistical support in sync to shape a larger than life event into reality.

Crafting incredibly beautiful and phenomenal events that touch billions of lives is entirely different from selling a product. Striking a chord with the audience and elevating the standards of every glimpse of the event, makes it extraordinary, and that's what Moving Heads Events Pvt Ltd. does with all affection and passion.

Farhan Ali holds an MBA degree in Marketing and a has brilliant career span of over a decade in corporate sector, within BFSI and retail industries. Farhan owns in-depth insights into end-to-end Marketing and Events Solutions, and also has expertise in the niche 'Brand Management'. During his corporate tenure, he worked closely for internal customers and had extensive experience in the Events & MICE sector as well. He was always fascinated with live shows and events and believes that event management is nothing but a melodious symphony, placing every beat in place and needs to be played skilfully.

A new path often leads to endless opportunities and unleashes a journey towards letting out the tremendous potential within. Starting a new venture, ‘The Moving Heads’, was a natural progression of his zeal for bringing an array of ‘No ordinary’, but only ‘Extraordinary’ event experiences.

  • Crafting genuine concepts that convey compelling stories                                                                     Since its genesis, The Moving Heads has been bringing a millennial twist to the table by keeping up with changing trends in the industry.  Farhan Ali, being the founder-director, thrives to curate every event that is extraordinary beyond measure.

He truly values every innovative concept which has a fresh story to tell and could bring in accolades that could make a strong impression on the audience.

In addition to weaving a dream event, helping clients by making an event of their dream proposal, and fulfilling their needs is the focal point for The Moving Heads.

Out- of- the box approach, zero error execution and global expertise made them curate award-winning event designs and experiences across the country and manage events in 100+ countries.

It has been successfully integrating every aspect of MICE, Brand Launches, R&R, Annual Events, etc. on one platform, creating a one-stop solution for communication design, travel & logistics event management as well.

Marching forward, standing strong! 

There is a huge demand for fine event planning and execution services for medium-scale corporate and other events, that are left overlooked by both small-time agencies and esteemed event management firms which focuses on very high-budget shows only. To bridge this gap, The Moving Heads caters to designing the most unique experiences of events management beyond the scale of medium or large-sized- business entities.

It holds the distinctive ability to create handcrafted experiences that keep the audience entertained and amazed. Moving Heads thrives to bring forth fine experiences for its global audience as well and create a lasting, multi-dimensional impact.

Overcoming hurdles, with a bold approach

To bring forth a high-end event experience, the team at The Moving Heads, put in tremendous efforts and comes up with unique innovative concepts for every event.

In its early days, putting together a highly motivated and talented team was a challenging task. But, eventually, aspiring young talent came in, who are equally passionate to bring in zero-error accuracy in all aspects of event management, as Farhan Ali is.

Now, a squad of experienced and skilled team members is all there to take up the challenge and also assures that clients have a confident air about the innovative and unexplored approach.

Aiming to reach greater heights

Farhan Ali is a high-spirited person and his passion for work has ignited to turn the challenges into opportunities. In the past two years, the dynamics of the event industry has changed a lot. The Moving Heads has kept its pace by launching hybrid and virtual events.

It has been aiming to attain the peak of further achievements by expanding the company’s footprint in Dubai and Canada in the nearing future.

The Canadian entity starts its operations as TMH Media Canada and Dubai office has opened under the brand of Moving Heads FZC Dubai. Both the entities, along with India’s Moving Heads Events, belong to the parent company – Moving Heads INC.

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