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Fostering bond

TAB consulting is a leading name in the foyer of engagement solution providers across the country. TAB is an acronym for Take a break. So this is where the focal area of Tab Consulting is. Employee engagement is the key to success for any organization and TAB  understands this. The core values of TAB are “IMET” Innovation, Mutual Respect & Integrity, Execution Excellence and Transparency which is coupled with Creativity. TAB today is a well-established name in providing complete Employee Engagement solutions. They have been there for the past thirteen (13) years, growing and expanding their horizon. Employee Engagement in different facets adds to the value and growth of the establishment.

The wheel that turn and churns

Mr. Abhimanyu Khanna, the CEO of Tab Consulting has completed his BBA from JIMS, Delhi, and also holds a diploma in International Business from Cambridge University UK. He started working at an early age of 17 in a BPO sector and steady growth charted his path. Despite spending 5 years in the job, he felt something was missing. That’s when he decided to join hands with his current better half – Priyanka Juneja, the helm of the company. Since the training was his passion, he wanted to create a difference by making people move out of the Board Room Meetings and gain experiential learning, so he thought of doing unique team-building events. Considering Working in the corporate set up with rigid SOP’s was never his cup of tea. Through Tab Consulting he found a way to work in a rapid and steady stride. TAB, the name itself has the DNA of the company, TAB - Take A Break. The Vision of TAB is to provide extraordinary and innovative engagement solutions to every client who are expecting a phenomenal service maintaining mutual respect and professionalism at all times. This vision statement has helped TAB carve a niche for themselves in an assured manner progressing ahead.

Mr. Abhimanyu Khanna firmly believes, “NEVER STOP THINKING”. This is what makes the clock tick. When asked about the strategies of his company and how they stand unique from their competitors? He replied, “Unique strategies are to be kept a secret so that they stay unique”.

Essence of TAB consulting

Starting from junior level employees to the corporate hierarchy level, we cater to all. This actually is the key of the company. A better understanding of the corporate world gives the edge to stride ahead. Team building is an integral part of any organisation, this enables them to separate chaff from the grain as well, apart from fostering cohesiveness and congeniality, which in fact is vitally important for any organisation. One of the biggest strengths of Tab Consulting is the ability to deliver under pressure situations and keep innovating for a better future. There are various team building programs that are organized within in the company and even altered to suit a particular organization. According to Tab, it is significant to help an organization in improving performances and jazz up their key resources - The People.

TAB invests considerable time & effort to define the alignment between training needs and business objectives. They can easily back it up with excellent hands on experience and references, which is another ambient of expertise of TAB consulting. A couple of highlights are Activity Based Game Shows, Corporate Events, Family Days, Virtual Teambuilding, Offsites and much more.

An Insignia of Excellence

At TAB “We believe that a masterpiece creation comes out of constant innovation. With this philosophy, we design and organize each event for the corporate world so that every individual of a firm participates actively to learn something new while having fun from daily tiring days. This not only inspires others, but also provides a platform where individuals can rejuvenate with all and can be more productive in their daily life,” asserts The CEO. It's a guaranteed lasting effect that TAB events have on the employees as the organization earnestly dedicates themselves to what they do and understand clients' requirements deeply. The various events comprising of in-house creative team for conceptualization, avant-garde fabrication unit and a well-equipped hi- tech audio-visual equipments, which can confidently execute any event smoothly and successfully. The only goal Tab Consulting has is to deliver the best with each opportunity they get inside the organization.

Armed with a long list of clients to mention a few of them:

Fortune 500 Companies,

The Road Ahead

Today, TAB Consulting is a brand name and, a force to reckon in the field of employee engagement. They have progressed and entrenched themselves in the industry remarkably.

The road has begun, still miles to go.

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