Vin Gupta (Infofree )

Helping Businesses in Finding the Right Prospects to Grow their Sales via its Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service.

Finding prospects to grow sales is always a vital factor for businesses. To succeed and stay relevant, sales must grow whether businesses are selling products, services, or even themselves as a personal brand. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that they understand the process of selling and utilizing available resources to maximize the chance of making a sale.

For making sales, businesses need high-quality leads. These leads separate successful businesses from failed ones. For the sake of generating leads, businesses often download a list off the internet and start pursuing them, wasting their time and resources. Getting the information is one, however, generating high-quality leads is an art that only few have mastered.

Vin Gupta, founder of Infofree, is one of the few who have mastered the art of generating high-quality leads. He explains and stresses the art of creating valuable sales leads and how listening to customers can be the key to success.

“Infofree is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system that helps businesses grow their sales. With Infofree’s system, you get unlimited sales leads, a free CRM, its proprietary clonelytics software, and a mobile application with mapping features,” he states.

A leader in data quality, Infofree has up-to-date accurate data to drive the solution to customer acquisition. It has over 14 million business contact databases and has over 260 million consumer contacts.

The Beginning of High-quality Leads Generation & Upscaling

“With a heavily sales-focused background and skill-set like mine, it becomes easier to see the industry as a whole, as well as trends within specific markets. One such trend was the amount of time small business leaders and entrepreneurs spend on developing and perfecting their products or services. While having a perfect offering is an important component of any business, the mistake these entrepreneurs were - and are still - making was allocating all of their focus to that one aspect. It’s too singular and means that the majority of energy and capital goes into creating perfection with no emphasis on selling it. I wanted to streamline the process of creating verified sales lead databases so businesses of any size could have a reliable and affordable platform to streamline their sales process,” asserts Vin.

With more than 100 databases under one roof and polished quality, Vin set his company apart from the competitors. The database offered by Infofree encompasses a whole spectrum of industries and it has an accuracy of 95 percent. Unlike others, Vin ensures that his company offers up-to-date information. All leads are triple-verified with sources included and thus, high-quality leads are generated by Infofree.

Under his leadership, the company has helped several firms and salespeople in growing their businesses. With only $99 a month, Vin has empowered businesses to focus on developing their products and technology and leave the lead generation onto his company. This unique approach has made Infofree one of the most renowned companies in the world.

Initial Struggles & Conquering Challenges

Vin was born in India. In the 1960s when he was attending college, he noticed that India lacked job opportunities and also had a lot of social problems, a shortage of food, and such. He made the choice to go to America when he landed a scholarship to the University of Nebraska. Thus, the journey of a young man with a zeal to excel began.

Vin climbed the ladder of success and became the Founder of American Business Lists with only $100 in his pocket in 1972.

“American Business Lists grew gradually and by 1993, we made about USD 44 million in revenue and USD 14 million in profits. Then, we went public in 1993 and I ran the company until 2011 when we sold the company. I was associated with the company from 1972 to 2011. So, roughly 39 years and it was fun, you take a company from zero to what I call a decent-sized company. When I left, it was doing USD 760 million in revenue. It was a good ride, a fun ride to take it from zero to that level. There were 7,000 employees all over the world – even in England, Singapore, and Australia. We had a major international presence too,” he says.

From $100 to Fortune Magazine to meeting Bill Clinton

In 1995, Fortune Magazine took cognizance of Vin and wrote an article on how he grew up with no electricity, no roads, no TVs, etc. He had gone a long way. From a tiny village in India to being a multi-millionaire in the US.

“In 1994, I got a call from a local congressman in Omaha that the Democratic Party was having dinner with certain donors in Washington D.C. and would be hosted by the president and I would get to talk with him. So, I decided to go. I spent two or three hours at dinner sitting across from President Clinton. I talked to him about America’s politics and India, and that is how our friendship began. We met again later on and Clinton wanted me to go to Bermuda as Counsel General and then Fiji as a U.S. ambassador. But it is a lot of bureaucracy and I was running a company at the time, so I declined,” he states.

Retirement, what is that?

Today, Vin Gupta is 74-years old and he is showing no signs of stopping. There is no word retirement in his vocabulary and besides, he enjoys running and investing in businesses that he would not call a quit. He loves being a businessman and lives by his father’s word – never retire, retirement is overstated. Just keep on working that will keep you active and engaged.

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