Sandeep Harsulkar (SERC – Overseas Education Consultants )

The cutting tool industry is a crucial part of the Engineering Industry. The industry is the driving force behind several Small and Medium Enterprises as well as some giants in the sector.

Bringing a rich 4 decades of experience in the cutting tools industry, XCUT Technologies helps various industries with its innovative cutting solutions that are both cost-effective and productive for machining. With an array of finest quality cutting tools, the company assists industries in manufacturing top-notch products. Its solutions are designed to yield superior quality products thanks to its vast knowledge and expertise in the industry. 


XCUT Technologies is a part amalgamation formerly known as Vipul Tools. It operates under the banner of Xceed Group led by four Directors Vipul Shah, Viral Shah, Pratik Shah, and Chaitya Shah. The group is inclusive of XCUT Technologies, Vipul Tools, Xceed Tooling Pvt. ltd, XceedToolings – FZCO. The group was founded to deliver potential new technologies, advanced infrastructure, prompt service, quality products, management systems, sales volume, and brand awareness.

Introduced in 2017, XCUT Technologies is on the mission to provide Indian customers world-class solutions at a very competitive price. It is the only Indian brand that has 25000 SKU’s in Carbide/PCD/CBN products.

“We believe XCUT was born with the vision to bring advanced technology of cutting tools for the Indian manufacturing industry. Today, XCUT has a strong network. We have now reached more than 45 cities & amp; more than 15,000 industrial users. Most are a highly connected network and enthusiastic Channel partners growing rapidly,” states Viral Shah who is tasked with leading the company with his exclusive business strategies.


XCUT Technologies had to maintain international standards and instill a sense that its solutions are on par with western countries. The company began its journey with a mission to bring a drastic change and become numerouno in the country. To be seen as a one-stop destination for cutting tools, the firm added several upgrades to its inventory.

XCUT is committed to its channel partners and hence, with only 50% effort in the right direction, channel partners reap 100% increase in their net profits. A strong network is the key area focus of XCUT. It has reached more than 45 cities and its users grew from 15,000 in the country.

With exclusive channel partners’ benefits, XCUT is boosting the channel  partner network with enthusiasm and is expecting a jump of 200% in the next 3 years.

“In a world where people either want high-end products from western countries to stiff competition from Asian countries, we are the only Indian company who has the right balance. So our customers can maximize the value and reduce the cost with our truly Indian Brand. Our clients are getting international quality, best cutting tool solutions with a varieties of products, Competitive price then market, reduction in CPC,” asserts Viral. 


Focusing strongly on Automotive, Defense, Oil gas & Aerospace, XCUT Technologies is reducing cycle time and increasing tool life, thereby reducing overall cost per component. Since Aluminum is the future, the firm is focused on PCD and aluminum machining solutions.

XCUT Technologies has developed a line of machining that stands apart from all the competitors and thereby, offers unparalleled quality and performance ratio. We are confident that by 2020 we would also have a strong experts vertical to cater to global markets.


Experiencing growth from 50% to 70% in the last 2 years inspite of Covid in last two years, XCUT Technologies is looking to double its sales in next 3 years.

XCUT is bringing a paradigm shift in cutting technology. It is empowering Indian brands and taking them to international standards.

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