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All-In-One Collaboration Platform: Communicate, organize, share, manage events (virtual and in person), collect payments, and more.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made online collaboration tools a must-have for groups, organizations and businesses of all sizes and types. No matter what brings a group or an organization together, it’s more critical than ever to be able to engage and be productive online.

Rallyhood’s Community Collaboration Platform enables member organizations to build their own connected community by launching an ecosystem of micro-sites for their groups, across a variety of use-cases, without needing any Development or IT resources to manage them.

Every group-site can be set up and customized in seconds and comes with a built-in suite of Social and Collaboration features that help groups: Centralize day-to-day discussions; Share, organize, and archive resources (files, photos, videos, links); Manage Events (in-person and virtual); Collect Payments; Vote and Share tasks; Create Fundraising Pages; And sell merchandise with Online Store (coming soon) – all in one place.

Entrepreneurial DNA

Patti Rogers, CEO & Founder of Rallyhood, grew up in an entrepreneurial family, which definitely had an impact on how she approached her professional life. She watched both her parents start and grow their various business ventures, which influenced her own career path as a design and marketing entrepreneur. “I found that collaborating with clients’ to drive measurable business results through strategic communication to be very inspiring. I was fortunate to work in a variety of business segments in D.C. and Los Angeles, until I found my way back to Austin, where I Co-Founded a print and digital agency”, says Rogers.

After selling her agency in 2002, she spent several years helping non-profit boards and committees and volunteering where she could with her childrens’ school. Rogers said, “In this period of my life, I learned so much about the critical importance of volunteer leadership and how this kind of collaboration impacts the communities where we live, in big and small ways.”

“This became especially meaningful for me personally, when I went through a two-year journey of breast cancer. I witnessed first-hand the power of a community in action— but I also witnessed the frustration and inefficiency of trying to organize a group with fragmented tools”, Rogers shared.

“Whether it be a for-profit or a non-profit mission, when information is hard to find and tools are hard to use, the experience and outcomes suffer,” Rogers continued. “I recognized there was a gap in the collaboration market and that purpose-driven groups needed better tools to streamline communication, share resources, and productively engage.”

This was the genesis of Rallyhood. Rogers was inspired to build a new kind of platform—that combined the best of social with the best of collaboration tools—to make it easier for people to come together, take action and organize support for the people, groups and causes they care about, no matter what the size or mission. “While the platform continues to expand and evolve, the essence that drives us remains the same—Together, we can do great things!”, says Rogers.

Three ‘A-ha’ Moments

There were three “ahas” that all led to the inspiration of Rallyhood. The first was how critical community is to our health and healing. “I am 100% certain I would have had a different outcome had it not been for the friends and family and neighbors who rallied to take care of me and my family when we went through cancer. The people were amazing and the love was powerful, but the digital tools were terrible. It took 8-9 different tools to try to manage the effort,” says Rogers.

The second aha was that all the groups in her life— from kids’ teams, classes, clubs, scouts, and non-profit committees and boards—all suffered from the same dysfunction. Too many fragmented tools. “Basically, it was easier to dis-engage than it was to stay active,” Rogers added.

The third aha, was there weren’t collaboration tools built for teams trying to organize around groups, projects or causes outside of work. And yet, these groups so often serve a critical role in our day-to-day life experience and directly impact the communities where we live.

Rogers continued, “So, if we could build something that brought all the tools together in one place, to be both social and productive, we could amplify the “good” these groups were aiming to create. We could create a positive ripple effect for groups, causes, and communities everywhere.”          

Empowering Connected Communities

Today, Rallyhood works with more than 30,000 groups and organizations of all sizes across the country. Their best-in-class solution is not only scalable for users of 10-10,000,000, but also flexible for a variety of business use-cases. “It’s been our mission to provide enterprise-quality collaboration and community tools that are more accessible to all. So, it's exciting to see the diversity of size, shape and mission of the groups working together on our platform to make a difference” states Rogers.  

The Future Is Bright

Most recently, Rallyhood launched Premium Solution with advanced analytics, targeted publishing, and customization tools. The company also released an integration with Zoom and other video conferencing tools, to give users’ the ability to schedule video conferences and manage online events more seamlessly.

“We are continuously listening and learning from our users and have an exciting roadmap for 2020 and beyond with new features and functionality geared to help our groups stay connected, engaged, and organize, all in one place”, emphasizes Rogers.

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