Project Consultants- Turning Business Problems Into Wins

The growth of a business is never the result of the efforts of a single person; instead, it is the joint efforts of professionals with different domain expertise who contribute their best towards the growth. Professionals also include project consultants, who can be both on-roles and an outsourced entity who have enough expertise in the field under consideration.

The consultant’s primary role is to act like a catalyst, educator, facilitator or a resource to assist your organization with certain areas or departments. They work closely with your staff and leadership team and shoulder a greater responsibility towards the overall working and growth of your organization.

Project Consultants can work with your business in many ways depending upon the nature and complexity of your project. The time they devote to your project also varies and depends upon the time it will take to complete the project and what specific contribution they make to the project.

Project Consultants with their domain expertise and years of experience has the power to transform your business and takes you towards the path of success. They can make or even break the organization so it is necessary to wisely choose a project consultant. Reference checks, past projects and due diligence are some ways through which you can be sure of your selection. One important factor is the cost implication of hiring a project consultant, make sure that the cost of hiring him is feasible and still makes place for profit.

  • You can hire a Project Consultant for a specific role or function, like HR, Finance, IT, Legal, Media relations etc. Internal audit and financial advisory
  • Risk and compliance
  • Transaction services
  • Business process improvement

Here’s a quick look at various roles project consultants play and can turn your business problems into wins.

Interim management: You can hire a project consultant at any point of your project cycle, it is not mandatory to hire him as soon as the project commence. Usually the business owners hire a project consultant when the current staff is working at or beyond capacity; they can be of additional help on either a short-term or an ongoing basis.

A consultant is also instrumental in taking things forward when the key people from your organization are on leave or left the project or the company in between. The project consultants at such critical time hold a position in your interim management and take strategic steps that help you realize your goals.

Resource-based project consultants: Not all project consultants fall under the purview of your project, you have to be very clear what role you want the project consultant to play and choose accordingly. A resource-based project consultant can be completely customized to t the scope of your project. You can either choose to add one specialist with your current team or you can outsource the entire project to multiple consultants based on their functional expertise.

Deliverable-based project consultants: You can decide the outcome you expect from a project consultant, it can be a designed work-space or it can be transforming your leadership team. Once you are clear about the deliverables, you can select project consultant who will take full ownership of your project.

Whether it is for larger and complex initiatives, for an end-to-end project solution or for a specific function or department, project consultants are a boon for your business. They are specialists who are equipped to implement new tools and improve processes as they work through various phases of a project. They do not act like thirdparties; instead, they are accountable for complete project oversight and ownership. Also, they ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge back to your team when the project is completed.