Cover Story, Graham Bright ( Head-Compliance and Operations , Euro Exim Bank) – Business Sight’s Visionary Leaders at Forefront of Entrepreneurship 2020

An Innovative Global Financial Institution Proffering Novel Financial Services

Regulating and monitoring the transactions, financial institutions are playing a vital role. Such institutions are pivotal in managing the financial and monetary domain for several businesses and individuals alike. With economies going cashless and crypto revolution occurring apace, financial institutions are instrumental in the transition. Enabling real-time payments, managing cryptocurrency, and assisting buyers, Euro Exim Bank (EEB) is delivering specialized services.

Euro Exim Bank Limited is an innovative global financial institution with Head Office in St. Lucia, West Indies, and a Representative Office in London. EEB also has a wide network of affiliates, agents, and partners across the key location. This serves to import and export businesses around the world which in turn facilitates trade finance.

The institution is aiming to become the go-to industry leader in the trade finance niche. Via the widespread network, it is offering tailored services to clients economically as well as efficiently across the geography.

Dynamic Persona Leading EEB towards Unparalleled Success

The Head of Compliance and Operations – Mr. Graham Bright, is propelling the company to new heights. Mr. Bright’s primary role at EEB is to keep the bank safe by negating and mitigating risk in the bank’s processes, software, and client activity. The role involves meeting with clients, regulators, applying local, national and international rules, mandates and recommendations. He also engages with the Board and IT in reviewing KYC, AML, due diligence, KYE software.

Mr. Bright has studied Business and Law at University, then worked in a US partner company of Unilever specializing in computer timesharing applications. Worked on medical systems clinical trial analysis (designing and computerizing drug trials and running advanced statistics) and subsequently financial systems.

Three years at Control Data in credit analysis applications, banking and treasury systems was followed by 20 years at SWIFT in sales and partner solutions, culminating with working with application vendors and market infrastructures such as The Bank of England on RTGS projects.

He was MD at the technology subsidiary of a French Bank for 5 years, EMEA SME on Investment Management and international banking at EMC, and after a period of consulting, at Euro Exim Bank for more than five years. His career has spanned the financial sector from payments, funds, FX, Securities, trade, Nostro reconciliation, RTGS, and partner management working with and accrediting vendor applications.

Becoming an Insignia of Excellence

The absence of trust in buyers’ financing, limited access to liquidity, financial obligations, harsh sanctions, and so forth were frequent obstacles. Mr. Bright saw a challenge in addressing these problems but also an opportunity. Utilizing his experience in evolving regulatory pressure, non-standard national and international rules, eliminating constant threats of corruption and cybercrime, he set the record straight.

EEB became a global leader as it has spent resources, time, and efforts in overcoming all the challenges. Under the leadership of Mr. Bright, EEB has being able to assure regulatory adherence, efficiency of transactions, and security for clients. The institution has earned the trust and has transformed itself into a global to-go partner in the finance domain.

“Challenges are the part of everyone’s journey, and similar to many companies, at the outset, as with many trade finance players, Euro Exim bank was heavily paper-based, relying on manual processes with duplicated efforts and tedious error-prone data entry. Automation was needed to resolve these issues to ensure they were a long-term participant. The management looked for commercial applications able to suit their way of working rather than adapting all their processes to a particular product,” states Mr. Bright.

Developing a strong IT architecture, the institution has rapid implementation and integration of other services. With key values such as true to its core, offering cost-effective mutual outcomes, understanding the landscape, EEB delivers world-class services.

A Specialist in Trade Finance

“The Company envisions a multitude of plans to execute in the future. Ambitious plans include rapid sales team growth, more country coverage, technical enhancements to speed up instrument issuance processes, and accessing more clients in opportunistic emerging markets,” asserts Mr. Bright.

As a specialist company with a defined number of products and services, Euro Exim Bank focuses directly on the trade sector. With its differentiators including trust, leadership, experience, personal relationships, country expertise, speed of response, cost-effective instruments, and above all continued contact and information sharing.

EEB attracts a significant number of inquiries and repeated business from companies looking for dedicated services, rather than working with large institutions where trade products and expertise are a small often insignificant subset of banking offerings. Hence, EEB is well-positioned to work with smaller currently disadvantaged companies, finding trade initiation solutions enabling them to rightfully and economically competitive in the wider international arena.

Visionary Leadership in Trying Times

Covid19 has caused such disruption that the global economy is struggling. The challenges are numerous as it has disrupted labor forces, supply chain, restricted travels, and complete country lockdowns. The pressure of health services is constant and increasing with the number of cases.

In such a time, Mr. Bright has implemented new technology such as a blockchain architecture and AI solutions inside EEB’s trading platforms. Also, the company has introduced Ripple xCurrent and On-Demand Liquidity services, positioning them to meet and exceed buyers' demand for alternative payment mechanisms and the ability to procure products and raw materials from new supply sources such as emerging markets.

His leadership has poised the brand to grow drastically. Over the last five years, EEB has grown significantly. Effective marketing has also increased through being proud sponsorship of key trade events. As it contributors to global publications and recognized as award-winning thought-leaders collecting multiple accolades for its technology, service provision, and executive innovation.

This strategy has been instrumental in building EEB’s reputation, supported by its future-ready blockchain-enabled platform for instrument issuance and Ripple-powered frictionless payments and on-demand liquidity. Mr. Bright is leading the institution in the direction of its strategic goal: to be one of the most recognized trade finance providers globally, and grow the number of experts and sales resources in multiple locations.