Maz Pawar (CEO & President, SA Capital) – Business Sight’s Visionary Leaders at Forefront of Entrepreneurship 2020

Proffering the Most Innovative Financial Services

Advancing technology is playing an increasingly critical role in the way business is conducted. Several organizations are realizing the need to accelerate the development of digital solutions. To stay ahead of their competitors, firms are migrating towards digital solutions as these solutions are more reliable, efficient, and productive.

SA Capital Partners is among the leading firms who are offering innovative financial services. From product ideation, strategy to development and deployment of technology, the organization is paving the way. It helps in making organizational changes manageable via successful mergers & acquisitions advisory and capital raising transactions.

SA Capital Partners’ financial services industry specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to banking transactions. Because of the length and breadth of services and industry knowledge, it completely understands the unique needs of each client.

The company’s goal is to make financial services available to every small business as several small businesses cannot pay large fees to investment banks. SA Capital Partners steps in to fill the gap and delivers 100 percent satisfaction to all its clients.

Innovative Institution

SA Capital Partners was founded on an understanding of the inefficiencies in the lower middle market business. It has a sound understanding of how bulge bracket investment banks lack the necessary knowledge about the lower middle market and how these banks keep the lower middle market at bay.

SA Capital Partners, however, has a different perspective as it believes the lower middle market is the most crucial market in the US economy. It also knows that this segment is highly underestimated and under-serviced.

“While boutique investment banks work in the lower middle market while charging large fees and utilizing other shady practices to supplement their uncertainty, we want to give small business owners an alternative to completing transactions. We understand the lower middle market, and we have a track record for using our knowledge to help small businesses, no matter what step they’re on in their path to financial success,” asserts Mr. Maz Pawar – President & CEO of SA Capital Partners.

SA Capital strives to provide for small business owners an alternative to complete transactions as it keeps abreast of many small businesses, understanding and addressing various problems. Hence, the company offers innovative solutions that have changed the lower middle market scenario.

Unique Services Providing Opportunities to Small Businesses

Investment banking is dominated by large, well-established multinational firms. These massive banks handle deals worth USD 500 million or more and hence, they are called bulge banks. Whereas, boutique banks handle deals worth USD 50-500 million. This is where the problem arises, if clients have deal around USD 5-10 million, these banks will not get involved in the transactions.

Finding a specialized boutique with expertise in a specific niche is also a challenge and that is where Mr. Pawar saw a huge opportunity.

“Using our experienced professionals, we are here to help give business owners all the necessary tools they need to complete capital raising, as well as mergers and acquisition transactions. SA Capital Partners’ goal is to provide clarity to business owners through the use of our simplified self-guided services and expert knowledge,” states Mr. Pawar.

SA Capital Partners provides the following services:

  1. Raising Capital: Capital doesn’t come easy, and raising it can be an uphill battle. The amount of money the business has available to spend on business-related activities depends on how much of it they can bring to the table from outside sources. Raising capital requires a lot of determination and patience, and even then, it’s not easy.
  2. Selling Business: Buyers aren’t the only ones who are interested in a business going up on the block. Smart sellers are coming to the table with a clear understanding of their business’ competitive position in the market, a realistic asking price, and knowledge of a potential buyer’s suitability well before they sit down to negotiate.
  3. Acquiring other businesses: For each buy-side engagement, its experienced analyst will help identify potential acquisition targets & provide the necessary market research. It will also provide the necessary tools to its clients to raise capital to acquire these businesses.
  4. Corporate Advisory: It has worked with many different industry sectors in the lower middle market, most issues are things the company has seen before, and it has a track record for setting things back on the right path.

Dynamic Leadership

Mr. Pawar leads SA Capital Partners from the forefront. He has over a decade and a half experience in the financial service sector. He is responsible for all capital raising and M&A activity as well as for the strategic vision and overall direction of the firm. He leverages his unique skill in operations management, client service, and corporate advisory.

Over the last decade, Mr. Pawar has been involved in more than fifty financings and M&A assignments totaling over USD 1 billion.