Maureen Metcalf (Founder, CEO & Board Chair, Innovative Leadership Institute) – Business Sight’s Visionary Leaders at Forefront of Entrepreneurship 2020

Businesses, no matter the niche, have faced unprecedented disruption in 2020. . With COVID shutdowns and working from home, social unrest, remote education, technological advances, and unprecedented change in how organizations accomplish their missions, organizations need to build adaptability into their DNA. Business leaders need to be able to adapt their leadership mindset and approaches to ensure their organizations are responding quickly and effectively to the external demands as well as the internal requirements. Leadership is a strategic differentiator. In times of disruption, it is critical to think about one’s leadership and what type of leadership is required to leader deliver sustained success. How do you turn the disruption to the most significant advantage and sustain your impact?

To help business leaders and organizations deliver sustained results, The Innovative Leadership Institute (ILI) – formerly known as Metcalf & Associates, elevates the quality of leadership and builds leader’s capacity to turn disruption into  sustained success. The Innovative leadership Institute (ILI) provides sophisticated, customizable leadership development, coaching, and assessment solutions that facilitate behavioral change and accelerate culture transformation aligned with organizational strategy and business goals. ILI focuses on integrating leadership innovation into organizational DNA, incorporating it into the cultural foundation by targeting systems, processes, mindsets, and behaviors.

Unique Approach

ILI strengthens the leadership talent pool and helps leaders evolve so that they become the organization’s strategic advantage. ILI builds better leaders. Its clients don’t just talk about what better leadership looks like; they are the models' others emulate. ILI employs the following methodology to achieve this objective.

  1. Creating and curating practical, leading-edge tools, frameworks, interviews and articles that serve as the foundation for leadership evolution
  2. Provides a library of over 275 interviews with top thought leaders, executives, authors, and academics on a broad range of topics to help leaders stay current and continually build their capacity.
  3. Curates online leadership development programs using proven leadership development approaches updated for the evolving environment leveraging books, articles, videos, interviews, learning partners, and coaching to develop leadership mindsets and skills.
  4. Assessing leadership to create personalized development plans based on where they are now and their objectives
  5. Developing leaders using customized workshops and process-focused coaching
  6. Building high functioning teams structured to accomplish organizational objectives
  7. Creating a culture of innovation that promotes engagement, agility, and high performance
  8. Consulting and advising client’s transformation programs to help organizations accomplish strategic objectives and evolve how they work

Stalwart Leadership

At the helm of Innovative Leadership Institute is Maureen Metcalf – CEO and Founder. She launched her company in September 2001 by founding Metcalf & Associates Inc. after leaving Accenture and PricewaterhouseCoopers to pursue her goal of working with a small group of highly respected industry leaders. In October 2001, Metcalf & Associates’ first client project was leading change management workstream for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system for Fortune 50 global company. Her operational skills combined with the strategic ability to analyze, develop, and implement successful strategies for profitability, growth, and sustainability. Hence today, after two decades since the inception of ILI, the institute enjoys vital strategic partnerships with a range of clients, from top Fortune 15 companies, multi-billion technology firms, to large manufacturing and insurance companies as well as smaller local firms.

“We believe that during times of dramatic change and disruption, the optimal path forward is developing leaders, organizations, and communities equipped to solve the biggest problems and create opportunities for all stakeholders,” says Maureen.

Maureen is an award-winning Senior Business Leader, Chair and Board Member with a proven history of success in leveraging business trends to drive organizational transformation. With over 30 years of industry insight, Maureen has garnered a reputation as a credible change agent with a passion for innovation and an ability to align critical strategies with corporate objectives. Both an adept communicator and trusted advisor, she has built and mobilized empowered workforces, supported Executives by developing leadership capabilities, and restructured boards to improve business performance. A steady hand in the board room, Maureen has set strategic direction, embedded positive working cultures, and ensured robust governance frameworks to increase profitability and improve overall efficiencies.

In addition to working as an executive advisor, Maureen designs and teaches MBA classes in Leadership and Organizational Transformation. She is also the host of an international radio show focusing on innovative leadership and the author of an award-winning book series on Innovative Leadership, including the Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations, winner of a 2014 International Book Award.

Maureen’s core values as CEO right now:

  1. Elevating the quality of leadership across the globe
  2. Helping leaders co-create a positive future
  3. Providing exceptional value and positive impact for all stakeholders
  4. Creating environments that are just, fair and inclusive

Stellar Recognition

Maureen Metcalf has numerous accolades, and few are named below:

Honors & Awards

  1. Excellence 2020 Award: Most Outstanding Leadership Development Consultancy 2020 - Ohio
  2. Ten Influential Business Leaders to Watch 2020
  3. Tech Power Player 2018 and 2019
  4. BizTech Executive of the Year 2019
  5. Winner of nine International Book Awards