Digitoonz – BS Most Inspiring CEOs of the Year 2019

Digitoonz: “Be honest from the Get-go.”


Imagination is vital for any business; it is the first step to lay the foundation of a massive idea. An idea is always backed by the way it is sold out to customers, and hence the idea needs to be presented creatively and innovatively. For innovation and creativity, there is no better way than to harness the 2D/3D animation industry and take advantage of it. Numerous companies offer animation services in India and the World over; the need is to identify a company that suits your requirement and give you a customized solution which is quirky in its way.

About Digitoonz:

Established in 2009, Digitoonz is a Delhi NCR based animation studio that provides a range of customized animation services like 2D and 3D animation TV series, feature films and a lot more. Digitoonz provides Animation Services and also develops its IP for kid’s content. As the name suggests, Digitoonz stands for digital cartoons, and it is one of the most important animation’s structures in India. The company offers a 360-degree solution in the field of animation production with specialization in the areas of producing TV Series in Flash, 2D and CGI Animation for TV – Broadcast and feature films. The ideology of Digitoonz Animation Studio is to offer its customers one of the best multidiscipline 2d and 3d Animation, Design Studio, and multimedia business solutions.


The studio holds the vision of aiming high and being among the top Animation Studios in the World in terms of animation level. The best thing about the studio and its team is they keep themselves updating to achieve higher and higher values. The founders of the studio emphasize updating by way of learning new technology and as a step in the direction provide training to its artists for the same. Recently the studio has launched a YouTube channel “PariTV” for kids edutainment. The studio is working day in and day out to increase its global presence and is working on multiple ventures to ensure the growth and development of the studio.


Digitoonz holds the mission to expand its business around the globe and increase its service offering. Digitoonz creates what you imagine. The studio has expertise in developing 2D & 3D Animated TV Series and Feature Films. Its key offerings include animation services around the globe. The team at the studio has worked on different animation projects like 2D, 3D, and many more.


One of the first values of the studio is to maintain a healthy relationship with all the clients and ensure timely delivery of the project with quality.

Surpassing the client’s expectation by establishing credibility and trust is another value of Digitoonz, which kept it ahead of its competitors.

Being honest to its clients and report them truthfully is yet another value.


Toon Boom Harmony Animation

2D Animation

Clean up/Ink & Paint

CGI Animation

Lighting, Rendering & Compositing

Game Design & Development


Harmony Rig

TV Commercial


The animation studio is well known for its great 2D and traditional animation. The studio owners still think that there is nothing that can substitute the beauty of the conventional animation, and it will be evergreen and always in demand. The team at studio leaves no stone unturned to upgrade themselves by learning new techniques and technology to create conventional animation Videos with a fresh look.

The studio makes use of Toon Boom Harmony Software, a revolutionary animation software, which is very much in demand and new to be worked on. The use of the software enabled the studio to reach a wider audience who are looking for 2D services. Also, Digitoonz provides services from pre-production to post-production, i.e., it offers an end-to-end solution which is a plus point. It takes less time to give the finished product as all the processes involved in creating the animation is present in one place.


“Mirette Investigates” is one of the major projects executed by Digitoonz. The plan was offered to the studio on a tight deadline, and the studio has to adopt a new technology to execute the project. But it was the determination of its team and the extraordinary work done by them that the project was completed on time and exceeded the expectation of everyone. It is this project that has given recognition to Digitoonz among other global players.

Another project was Galaxi Taxi which made its team learned how to make a traditional animation by using rigged characters. As with every project, there comes great learning, with Galaxi Taxi, the team at Digitoonz learned how to plan and track the project meticulously. The client was very open with what the company offered to them and gave the opportunity and space to use its creativity. Because of this reason, Galaxi Taxi is one of the most enjoyable projects to work on for the team at Digitoonz.


Digitoonz has very talented artists in all the sections who have completed several series for its clients, and the studio continues to grow with countless work in all its departments. The team at Digitoonz is qualified and experienced with hand-on knowledge of using the latest animation software. The team ensures quality and timely delivery of every project and make sure that every project exceeds client’s expectations. The team offers a customized solution to the clients, and even the founders of the company have empowered the team to learn new technology and encourage them to learn new software and work on them.


Digitoonz is founded by Vikas Kumar who himself is from the animation background along with his friend Nadim Akhtar. Vikas was working in the Education Department for Delhi Government since 2004 and worked there till the end of July 2009. During these years, Mr. Vikas always dreamt of doing something in Animation all by himself and make his team. He has always been a leader and leading an Animation studio was in his mind throughout his years of working. By 2009, he decided to develop a small team with Mr. Nadim(The co-founder) and named it DIGITOONZ. Apart from Digitoonz, Vikas Kumar has taken a step towards education as well. He has expanded his empire by opening an ITI institute, named Dikshant ITI and a school, named Layford International School. He has also launched a YouTube channel called PariTV to make learning fun for kids and toddlers.


The studio has ambitious plans of making its presence in every domain of Animation and is soon going to launch a YouTube channel that includes live-action and animated contents for kids’ audience. Also, the studio is working on setting up a new IP. The goal behind all developments is to leave its footprints in the gaming industry and kids’ content. The studio is optimistic that the hard work and dedication will pay-off, and it will create a unique presence in the animation industry.

In the coming years, Founder Vikas and his team are working on strategies to spread the wings of Digitoonz in emerging sectors like gaming. There are also several animation series under production and in the development process. Keeping an eye on future improvements, Digitoonz is following an ambitious vision to become one of the world’s top animation production companies. It aims to emphasize using a global delivery model enabled by technology and comprehensive processes. At the same time, it is also focusing on upgrading the team with the latest trends and technologies in the media and entertainment industry.

For More Details: https://digitoonz.com