Team Sustain – BS Most Inspiring CEOs of the Year 2019

Meet George Mathew, a Climate Challenger for over 25 years. Starting as early as 1994, Mr.Mathew established TeamSustain, a company which specializes in engineering Clean and Green Solutions to address real world problems, and help fight Climate Change. And is one of the first Clean Tech Companies in the World. The projects initiated by him has helped fight Climate Change, bring in rural development through introduction of sustainable infrastructure, fight poverty and help improve living conditions in their regions of operations. The projects have directly help fight and mitigate climate change and thus help save lives and our planet.

Established in 1994, TeamSustain today is one of the leading clean and green technology solution providers that offer top-notch quality and cost-effective around the world. And is the most awarded company in the sector

The benchmarking projects of Mr. Mathew and his company TeamSustain, has helped and inspired the Clean Tech industry world over, with many of the projects replicated across the world. If we have innovated into a specific solution, the same has got replicated by 1000s of times across the world, inspired by our success. We bought in the innovation and took the risk for the rest of the world to follow, says Mr.Mathew.

TeamSustain is perhaps the only company in the world which has experience across diverse zone of Clean Technologies, namely-

  • Grid-tie/On-grid Solar PV Systems
  • Off-grid Solar PV Systems
  • Hybrid Solar Systems
  • Solar & Electric Powered Boats & Ferries
  • Green Solutions for Telecom
  • Waste Management and Waste to Energy Solutions
  • Smart Village Micro Grids
  • Energy Storage & Virtual Power Plants
  • Eco Resorts – end to end solutions
  • Wind Energy
  • Small & Micro Hydro
  • Carbon Footprint management
  • R&D of Sustainable Solutions to real world
    problems with focus on Water ,Energy, Sanitation and Waste Management

TeamSustain- Innovating a Zero-Carbon Future:

The founder, Mr. Mathew has walked a long way to establish TeamSustain where it is now. It all started from researching on Sustainable Solutions during his college days and working on a solar thermal project. This further motivated him to work in the domain of clean energy space and led him to intern with Tata BP Solar, one of the first Solar solutions providers. Inspired by nature and wild life as a child, he always wanted to work towards the conservation of our planet and believed that Sustainable development is the only way to save and preserve our World. He realized the need of reducing the ecological impact on the environment and discovered on the business opportunity in helping clients in reducing their Carbon Footprint and at the same time, help them save money on their operational cost with an attractive ROI. There is nothing more satisfying than to build Value to your business by helping others save money and the planet, says Mr. Mathew.

Over the last 25 years, the solutions and projects have helped save our planet Earth, from millions of tons of deleterious Green House gases and other pollution from its atmosphere. Directly helping to mitigate and slow down Climate Change and thus help save lives.

Recalling his journey, Mr. Mathew says, “The clean energy products and solutions were all expensive, and most of it was driven, by Govt. subsidies and incentives. We saw a huge gap in terms of product quality and technology, we entered the market with full sway and with the mandate of providing Clean Tech solutions using the latest technologies from across the world, adopting it to solve real world problems in the developing world”.

TeamSustain set a new standard and benchmarks in and for the industry with projects like the World’s largest Rural Electrification ( Solar ) project in 1996, World’s largest Solar Powered (off-grid) Resort, the World’s first Energy Autonomous Commercial Complex, World’s first Solar Powered Home Stay, Solar Powered Telecom Towers, Solar powered Light Houses, Waste Plastic to Energy plants , Solar Powered boats, Waste to Energy plants and many more.

They also innovated into the boating sector with the concept of E-boating and was the first to coin the term, and made their name into  Limca Book of Records, twice. Today, TeamSustain has a Client portfolio of the world’s top Companies, Universities, Resorts and NGOs, in more than 20 countries.

George Mathew- Founder & CEO:

Mr. Mathew has 25 years of experience in the field of green energy and is a mechanical engineer by trade. With his guidance, TeamSustain has executed 1500+ projects across the world, in more than 20 countries. He holds specializations in solar PV, solar hybrid, smart micro grid, waste to energy, smart energy integration, e-boating, carbon management, and energy efficiency & management. He holds various esteem positions in major companies and has registered for 32 designs Patents and has been felicitated with 2 Patents (Rotary Kiln Waste Gasification) till date. He was recently included the Global Listing of the 51 most Influential Persons in the field of Solar. Through his innovation and risk taking attitude leading to successful projects , he had inspired many entrepreneurs to enter the Clean Tech Industry.


TeamSustain has clients form all across the world, including large corporations and Fortune 500 companies. Virgin Investments (USA), American Tower Corporation ,  Vitol, Trojan Battery Company( USA), Soneva Fushi Resorts ( Maldives), are to name  some of them.

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