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Delivering Success

The healthcare industry includes the
ever-important need for revenue cycle management that focusses on streamlining
the finances of doctors and hospitals. Analysing and regulating the dues from
patients, from the time of appointment to the conclusion of their payment of
the balance is a herculean task. Moreover, ensuring that there are no billing errors
and that the medical coding guidelines are being followed is essential. To
allow these operations to take place seamlessly, the US Health sector has
collaborated with several organizations that offer professional financial
management solutions. This market is expected to reach $32.2 billion in 2019
and has a challenging playing field.

One organization that is performing in this
market is ArcMed Analytics and Services Pvt Ltd, a KPO offering world-class
revenue cycle management services. The organization is unique due to its
collaborative style and expertise in analytics, focusing solely on the needs of

Thorough Solutions

ArcMed Analytics has an unparalleled track
record in financial management and has gained prominence for combining the
latest technology along with experience to perform above par at all times. The
end to end services they offer in revenue cycle management include:

  • Analytics
    for every revenue cycle
  • Coding
    to ensure each document is reviewed and compliant
  • Revenue
    integrity in all operations, and
  • Auditing
    and transparent reporting

The organization focusses on analytics and
solutions using technology to improve cash flow for doctors and hospitals in
the US. By making use of disruptive technologies like robotics, artificial
intelligence, process automation, and machine learning, ArcMed Analytics has
been able to establish a scalable model, successfully meeting the needs of
several clients in the healthcare industry. It boasts of providing solutions to
those problems which are not yet provided by other competitors in the market

The People

ArcMed Analytics’ team is credited as being
its biggest strength. The team is young and agile, skilled and creative.
Employees can easily adapt to changes and new trends in the market, making them
out of the box thinkers who are regarded as an invaluable asset to the company.

Due importance is also given to developing
empathetic relationships and encouraging the quality of caring about others.
The work culture at ArcMed Analytics focusses on developing employees as
responsible citizens and establishing honesty and integrity as a basic value.

The Leader

Maya Mohan, who serves as the CEO of ArcMed
Analytics, is the reason behind the company’s stellar performance. A Chartered
Accountant and alumni of IIM, she has had 30+ years’ worth of experience in the
corporate world and is regarded as a pioneer in Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

Maya Mohan began her illustrious career in Accounts and Auditing, and since 1996, has ventured into the offshore revenue cycle management business. Early in her career, she helped set up 3 such successful companies, namely, Lapiz Digital Services, Ajuba Solutions, and AGS Health. Each of these companies is growing as industry leaders.

She also serves as the President of the
Chennai Chapter of American Association for Healthcare Administrative
Management and is a board member at the US National Association for Healthcare
Administrative Management, a testament to her expertise and reliability.

As CEO of ArcMEd Analytics, she has
established herself as a thought leader, also inspiring in others the
importance of positivity, transparency, and honesty. “I believe in doing things
the right way not because others see it, but because I see it”, says Maya. It
is this philosophy in life that has won her the most successful partnerships
and has made her clients her champions. Her passion, commitment, and desire to
seek and work on feedback is also a reason for her success.

Maya Mohan is regarded as an inspiring leader
to women entrepreneurs. “Focus on your goal with singular concentration” is the
mantra she wants young entrepreneurs to follow. She also emphasizes the hurdles
caused by self-created myths and insists one should introspect deeply to break
all barriers.

The Future

Under Maya’s leadership, ArcMed Analytics
intends to become a market leader in automation and analytics in the US
Healthcare sector. A move towards becoming technology oriented organization through
the implementation of robotics is the action plan for the next two years.

With the right skills, effective leadership, and emphasis on social responsibility, ArcMed Analytics and Services has everything it takes to achieve its objectives.

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