Preca solutions india – BS 10 Most Trusted Builders & Developers to Watch in 2020

Pioneers in Prestressed Precast Solutions

A New Dawn

Concrete, a material known to mankind from the last 5000 years is to date being used in one form or another. When the Pharos of the great desert first put it to use and erected Pyramids, was soon followed by Romans, who reformed the material to create intricate designs and shapes. Only in 19th century did
another revolution come and out came Portland cement.

The imperishable process of revolution gave way to new dawn even though the idea of prestressing was prevalent since the prehistoric times. Garnering the recognition at a large scale after World War II, Prestressed Precast Concrete took to skies, marking the milestone and claiming its place in the books of

Preca Solutions, one of the pioneers in Prestressed Precast Concrete, a European technology, flourished itself in India. Preca Solutions India has brought the Future to the Present and has poised itself on the threshold of a golden age in the Indian Construction Industry.

A Vision with a Mission

Undeviating from principle morals of integrity, consistency, and reliability, they are ardent to be recognized as the most preferred manufacturer of Prestressed Precast Concrete by propagating the internationally acclaimed technology of Precast Prestressed Concrete System in the veins of construction industry of our country. With a set-up facilities in Hyderabad and Bhubaneshwar, Preca Solutions India is threading towards the development of another facility in the southern region.

Unabridged Offerings

Through the passage of time, Preca Solutions India has presented an innumerable range of Prestressed Concrete Prefabricated Structures and with every passing day, their portfolio is ever-expanding.

The scale of projects fluctuates in a wider section of construction industries but Preca had shined in delivering Social Infra, Hospitals, Residential, Sports, Educational, Commercial & Industrial.

A one pit stop to get them all:

  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Hollow Core slabs
  • T slabs
  • Spandrel beams
  • Solid Slabs
  • Staircase
  • Core wall
  • Retaining walls
  • Architectural elements
  • Boundary walls
  • Trenches

Green Technology

The environment has become a budding concern over the decade. With pollution surmounting the limits, it has become quite mandatory to check the waste one is disbursing. The ever-growing, expanding urban cities across the face of the country demand briefer timelines and cost-effective technology. In the hour of need, precast technology had bid the time a warm hello, while ensuring the consistency and top-rated standards. ‘Sustainable Invention for Building the Future’, is what Preca advocates the Precast technology as given to its tailoring qualities to meet the production characteristics such as durability, aesthetics, ecological and robust without having to compromise the ecosystem.

The low water-cement ratio enhances durability. Since the products are crafted in factories, there is next to little debris generated in factories and on construction sites.

A Diligent Crew

Preca, as it stands, is 400 people strong, resting its faith on the proficiency, diligence, and dedication of the team for its success to be bloomed. Each and every individual working at several depths of expertise possesses unmatched skills and qualifications. The number sums up the professionally experienced members from foreign, foreign returned to take the leash of the assigned project and deliver top-notch performance. The technical team brings along the long hours of experience they have spent in Gulf, Africa, Israel to the field, giving them an edge over others.

From the outset of the project, the team works side-by-side of the client, registering the best implementation of the methods to excel the expectations of the client. The factories are capable of mass production in just a short amount of time which has earned Preca Solutions India high profile projects from prestigious organizations such as Infosys, Phoenix Group and several government agencies.

A Notion Envisioned

An overseas visits brought a notion in the futurist mind of Satish Gottipati, the managing director of Preca Solutions India, to employ precast technology in a thriving country like India. Satish held the firm gasp on his belief, then partnered with Israeli and African business associates to bring Preca to life.

Despite the background from accounts and being a Chartered Accountant, Satish went on gaining experience in the field of manufacturing, infrastructure, and real estate. With experience of well over 20 years under his command, he has served exemplary in the giant organizations and had also served as the Head of the State of Andhra Pradesh of FISME.

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