Nicole Rodrigues (NRPR Group) – Business Sight’s Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2020

An Award-Winning Marketing Machine Serving as a Disruptor with a Focus on Public Relations

While we may live in an era in which setting up a business is easier, attracting a customer to the products and services has become more challenging. The advent of technology has led to numerous tools and devices, which is both a blessing and a hindrance. It remains important, however, to attract and retain customers in this competitive world.

NRPR Group of the Beverly Hills, California, provides PR, Marketing Communication (marcomm), digital and social media marketing, as well as video production for startups and Fortune 500 companies. The agency bridges the gap in attracting customers through its understanding of the value of relationships. By continuing to build long-lasting ties among clients, media, and influencers, the agency helps to build visibility key audiences necessary for business growth.

With its award-winning reputation and vast global network, NRPR offers the best-of-the-best services to its clients. Its services are result oriented across the spectrum of industries. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, the agency serves tech, fintech, health tech, enterprise, mobile, digital entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and consumer products.

NRPR is an award-winning, exclusive public relations, and marketing machine serving game changers and disruptors around the world.

Outstanding Institution

NRPR’s mantra is to put hard work, commitment, excellence, and team effort behind delivering the best client experience. In the six years of its existence, NRPR has worked successfully with over 80 clients and projects because of its commitment to excellence. The agency is driven by the passionate execution of big ideas and proffering exceptional services that surpass clients’ expectations.

The agency provides tailored services as it understands the requirements of each client. Hence, by going that extra mile, the institution has leveraged its passion to deliver the results.

Fiercely led by Ms. Nicole Rodrigues – Founder & CEO of NRPR, the company’s culture is marked by teamwork, diligence, and enthusiasm.

“We have each other’s backs and will always help someone overcome challenges. We are colleagues, yes, but we are also friends. We want to see each other succeed and appreciate one another. We are a team and every successful sports team has an inspiring coach. I am that coach for my team. I give my people the ability to own projects and to figure out how to accomplish tasks all the while, keeping a watchful eye on what they are doing, checking emails and deliverables before they go to clients,” states Ms. Rodrigues.

Dynamic Persona Setting Benchmark

Ms. Rodrigues embarked on her professional journey in Public Relations, landing her first PR job in 2000. Over time, she has worked giants such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Dialpad, Dolby, Yahoo!, MOBITV, Paige, Heal, Sony PlayStation, Plantronics, Hulu, YouTube, M-GO, Demand Media (now Leaf Group), etc.

In just 14 years, Ms. Rodrigues reached her ultimate goal and launched NRPR Group in 2014. Not only that, but she also founded her second company – the Young Dreamers Foundation in 2017. With over two decades of experience, she propels both companies to new heights.

“One thing I’ve learned throughout my career is that things won't always go as expected and issues arise that may be employee-, client-, budget- or business climate-related,” states Ms. Rodrigues.

Despite all the challenges especially starting her agency which seemed far-fetched to her, she has fulfilled her dreams.

Exclusive Services

“We specialize in helping businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to public Fortune 1000 companies. Our approach is simple and very strategic. We first identify our client’s business goals and tailor all our plans. We develop strategic press messaging to help ensure all media opportunities garner great results. NRPR services the best-of-the-best clients with a very high-touch, results-oriented approach that positively impacts their bottom lines,” asserts Ms. Rodrigues.

The agency works closely with all management, including CEOs and CMOs, to help them uncover their vision and discover what sets them apart from competitors. This helps companies build visibility for executives, products, and the organization itself.  The NRPR team educates clients on how public relations works and what it can and cannot do.

Oftentimes, people don’t fully understand what PR does or the difference between PR and digital marketing. PR will help you tell your brand's story and secure attention from the media for clients. NRPR has done extensive research on the best strategies to make these connections and because of this, it is different from any other agency you’ve worked with.

Stellar Recognition & Awards

NRPR was bestowed with following recognition and awards:

  1. 2020 American Business Award Silver Stevie Award for Communications, Investor Relations, or PR Executive of the Year
  2. US – Strategic Communications Consultancy Firm of the Year
  3. US Gamechanger of the Year – Nicole Rodrigues
  4. Total Prestige Magazine – Prestige 100

Ms. Nicole Rodrigues received recognition as a leading CEO in the following publications:

  1. Insight Success – The 2020’s Most Influential Women to Watch
  2. SwiftnLift – The 10 Most Dynamic CEOs To Watch Out for in 2020
  3. Mirror Review – The 10 Inspiring CEOs to watch out for in 2020
  4. Exeleon Magazine – 15 Most Inspiring Women in Business
  5. Acquisition International 2020 Global Excellence Awards Most Influential Brand Strategist 2020 – California

Nicole Rodrigues and NRPR Group epitomize how a public relations agency should operate. They do not take the lackadaisical approach of other agencies/ Nicole’s vision has always been to have a company that aligned with our clients’ business goals. We ensure that our clients have a steady flow of publicity that will help them to grow their business, because many of them are startups. We also want to ensure that this publicity will help increase revenue. I wanted to have an agency where both clients and employees were satisfied. Employees who feel empowered are more motivated to deliver high-quality results for clients. This is what NRPR is all about. The clients see firsthand that our hard work we do, and the results that come from it.

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