Dinesh Verma (V2U Healthcare) – Business Sight’s Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2020

Augmenting Physiotherapy Healing & Rehabilitation Care

With the advent of technology, the modern age has undergone several changes. Machines have made human lives easier. The vigorous inventions have set the pace of revolution and now, humans have more options than they ever imagined. The Healthcare domain is progressing drastically. The never-ending drive to improve healthcare structure has led to numerous findings.

Since the human body is the great machine of all time, it must be properly maintained. Today’s sedentary lifestyle has led to countless problems. Hence, precisely to address problems associated with the human body, V2U Healthcare has an exclusive range of machines. With a mission to become one of the global leaders in physiotherapy and rehabilitation care, the company is expanding its footprint.

V2U specializes in providing back and neck pain management via its unique program called ‘Scores’.

Leading Promising Innovations in the Industry

The physiotherapy and rehab industry is still in the nascent stage, especially in Asian countries. Though the opportunity is vast there are challenges as well. Having a sound understanding of the challenges Mr. Dinesh Verma – Chairman & Founder of V2U Healthcare is steering the company to new heights. Emerging technologies and new competitors are the biggest challenges but Mr. Dinesh feels it is healthy to have competition.

Under his leadership, V2U is always upgrading and keeping abreast of new technologies. As a firm believer in the adage – winners don’t do different things, they do things differently, he is setting benchmark higher in the niche.

With a particular focus on the South East Asia market, V2U is bridging the gap. The population in the region is over 650 million and lack of infrastructure in healthcare facilities is where the company comes into play. Mr. Dinesh utilizes innovation to drive physiotherapy and electrotherapy equipment and addresses the demand in the region.

V2U’s efforts in delivering high-quality equipment and world-class services have been lauded on several platforms. It was bestowed with Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2018 for Physio Asia Therapy Center. In 2019, Mr. Dinesh was awarded the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur Award in Promising Enterprise category.

Shaping the Journey

Mr. Dinesh has an MBA with a Gold Award for Overall Top Performer from Henley Business School, UK. He has graduated from Institute for the Physically handicapped, Delhi. He soon realized he just did not want to be a practitioner but a promoter and that marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey.

Trained in clinical professional physiotherapy, he worked in a clinical capacity with hospitals in Singapore. While working, he recognized the huge gap between industry and professionals. The need to fulfill the gap drove him towards product and business development and management.

Seeing the requirement, he took a job as a Product Manager with a Singapore Medical Device distribution company in 1997. In 2002, he established his first company in partnership with his past employer.

Mr. Dinesh founded V2U Healthcare in 2010, as he wished to create a difference by being a solution provider and not just a distributor of products.

V2U now has direct subsidiaries in Malaysia , Vietnam , Philippines and Thailand and associate  partners in other Asian countries.

Stellar Entrepreneurship

Starting a company with no resources whatsoever in Singapore was a challenge. Also, there was an issue with hostile takeovers from the giants in the industry. “With the only mantra in life – manage within the means, I don’t acknowledge myself as a big risk-taker. However, with the background of clinical, getting into the business world was the great risk I had taken,” asserts Mr. Dinesh.

As the founder of V2U Healthcare, he established the vision and worked on developing strategies to get the desired outcomes. By building strategic partnerships with some leading agencies and representatives, he was able to turn the tables.

“I guess my (unique) strength lies in multitasking—able to take multiple roles as senior management personnel, clinician, and educator. My abilities to see the opportunities and seize them promptly have worked wonders for me so far,” he states.

An Edge Over Competitors

“V2U is poised to provide Clinical Solutions – these include Solutions for Low Back and Neck Pain; Incontinence Management and now developing - Assessment and evaluation tools and Strength training tools. It creates strategic alliances with partners with Technical and production capabilities - integrated it with abundant experience from Field of Rehabilitation medicine and create the most meaningful solution for the clients,” states Mr. Dinesh

In the middle of coronavirus pandemic, V2U is offering its services virtual and online. In the third quarter of 2020, the company plans to launch a remote/virtual rehabilitation and monitoring solution. The clinical business of Physio Asia Therapy Center is also expanding in Malaysia in 2020 and Thailand in 2021. The firm is offering franchising opportunities for PHYSIO ASIA THERAPY CENTRE to further extend its reach.

Road Ahead

V2U is developing and introducing its own brand value-added products and also planning to invest in its own center of physiotherapy. This approach is the key to success.

V2U would be looking forward to a  Leading REGIONAL brand for Physiotherapy and Rehab products and Clinical Solutions - with direct presence in S E ASIA and  network of associated partners across region and meeting the global market needs via E-commerce Channels.