Cover Story, Marina Tognetti, CEO & Founder ( mYngle )

“With languages, you are at home anywhere,” says the English artist Edmund de Waal.

Founded in 2008, mYngle offers premium services to its customers that help them feel at home in today’s globalized world. An online language school, it promises success through a unique skill that often gets overlooked – language. The saying “language is power” is true universally, as it opens up a new world for a learner, offering a plethora of opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. mYngle offers face to face language lessons, both for business professionals and private learners, contributing to increasing connectivity and networking among diverse people and making the world a global village.

The Importance of Language Skills

The Journal of International Business Studies states that “language lies at the heart of international business activities”. With language comes a host of benefits that help leapfrog an individual’s personality, knowledge and professional career. Speaking a different language empowers a person to understand where others are coming from, what their culture is, which business strategy will be most effective, and all in all, helps in enriching one’s experiences in life.

For a business, communicating in a client’s native language has several advantages. A business thrives by building positive relationships, which requires good communication as its foundation. Language skills definitely help in market expansion as it indicates to clients that you truly value their collaboration. Similarly, it helps in customer experience and can help set the right impression with the customer. Businesses that employ multilingual staff tend to score high on customer satisfaction, which has a direct impact on sales.

Language skills in the professional sphere also have a positive impact on productivity, as it helps break through language barriers. Employees speak the same language and are on the same page regarding business goals and strategies. With an emphasis on collaborations across regions, investing in language skills is an effective way to boost performance. Moreover, a platform such as mYngle ensures a high success rate. This is turn implies that an organization can hire the best of talents from across the globe, irrespective of language skills. mYngle assures fluency in language skills, offering employees with ample opportunities to grow, develop and be challenged in the work environment.

Discovering Potential

Marina Tognetti, CEO, and Founder of mYngle, came across the idea of founding the organization from her own personal requirements. While she was intent on learning Chinese, she was unable to gain a good command over the language. The traditional methods of teaching were not enough to fulfil her requirements. Realizing that the best resource for learning the target language would be to learn it from a native speaker engaged in teaching, Marina discovered that the best way to learn would be to “use the power of the internet to connect teachers with students.”

Marina began the organization in 2008, and mYngle instantly became a game-changer, challenging the traditional world of education. It has won several awards for being a breakthrough platform in the field of online education. These include the Accenture Innovation Award, European Ventures Summit Award, Benelux Venture Summit Award, all in the first year of its inception.

Language at your Doorstep

mYngle offers customized language training programs through video conferencing. At present, it allows customers to choose from 45 different languages. Being completely online, there is also no hindrance to space, and videos can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, 24/7. Lessons are one-on-one, customized to the job profiles of learners, with highly qualified native teachers.

mYngle positions itself as the perfect solution for both companies and individual professionals. Companies can ensure success in investments through a multilingual approach, while professionals can gain a new skill at their time and pace to be successful at work.

Enrolling at mYngle involves a systematic process. The learner’s level and needs are first assessed, and a personalized course developed. Feedback is given after each session, followed by an evaluation and final assessment at the end of the course to understand the skill level.

This process developed by mYngle helps learners achieve their goals and targets, keeping them motivated in the long term. With continuous practice, it ensures rapid progress. With flexible schedules, and a complete overview of goals, attendance, lessons, progress, etc., it also ensures ease in tracking the learner’s ROI.

A Thriving Environment

Under the leadership of Marina Tognetti, mYngle’s constant focus lies in fulfilling the needs of customers, bringing high-quality language education to learners across the world. By constantly listening to feedback, the organization is intent on improving. It offers the highest quality in terms of teachers, content, and tools. Quality is the most significant USP of the organization, with an average lesson scoring a 4.9/5.0, proving their commitment to excellence.

The company’s hierarchy is flat, allowing for the flow of information and ideas. There is great freedom in experimentation, which provides a playing field for innovation without any fear of consequences. Marina’s focus is not on viewing employees as people who do “jobs”, but as entrepreneurs, each with a talent that can challenge the status quo.

mYngle stands ahead of its competitors today, as it does not constantly compare itself with its competition. Rather, it lays emphasis on aligning itself with customer’s goals, providing the best-personalized services to its clients. This ensures a high success rate. Moreover, by not following the ‘one size fits all’ model, and diversifying itself in terms of teacher-content-frequency, the organization has found its recipe to success.

Vibrant Leadership

As CEO, Marina Tognetti has been the recipient of several awards, such as 50 Most Inspiring Women Tech Leaders in Europe, 50 Most Inspiring Women in Dutch Technology Sector, Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All, and many more.

After completing her graduation, Marina worked for multinationals like Procter & Gamble, Philips, Sara Lee eBay, etc. and completed her MBA from INSEAD. As part of her experiences at work, she soon realized the potential of the internet to disrupt industries and change the way businesses work.

As the founder and CEO, she had to face her fair share of roadblocks and challenges, the main one being to pivot from being a B2C to a B2B. While mYngle had been launched initially as a marketplace, Marina decided to change direction. By listening to feedback from customers, and understanding the needs of the market, she took the bold decision to overhaul her company and move from being an open marketplace to a quality global online school. This decision to listen to feedback, take a risk and make the right decision are a testament to Marina’s expertise in leading a business. With a strong vision, ability to take calculated risks, adapt and change, her courage and decisiveness have been a turning point for the company.

With more than 20 years of experience, Marina herself speaks six different languages and knows first-hand the difficulties that come with learning and teaching a new language. This understanding, coupled with her expertise as an international manager has been a great asset to the company, enabling it to make the right decisions.

Key Partnerships

mYngle specializes in training knowledge-intensive industries such as business services, travel, and hospitality, high tech, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotech, financial services, machinery, and appliances, etc.

The Future

mYngle insists on being ahead of the market at all times. By constantly innovating in terms of products, services, and processes, the company seeks to change the field of online learning for the better.

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