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Fueling Growth of Healthcare Businesses from Conceptualization to Launch

In today’s highly saturated healthcare industry, businesses are seeking an edge that will propel their brands to new heights. Thanks to the pandemic, healthcare businesses are constantly grappling with new regulations and pricing pressures. This has encouraged them to innovate and reinvent their offerings. But to sustain in the competitive industry, businesses need more than innovation and reinvention of their inventory.

In-depth research and analysis are a must to excel in the healthcare industry. To oust competition, businesses need a scientific edge to seamlessly connect with stakeholders. The need for a differentiator is the driving force for any business in this industry. Oftentimes, businesses are rendered helpless in finding their strong positioning in the industry. In the fierce competitive scenario, healthcare companies need pragmatic solutions concerning the ins and outs of the industry.

IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions, a Mumbai-based startup established in 2019, is on the mission to provide innovative and practical solutions. The company helps healthcare businesses in the fields of medical affairs & market access, clinical & economic evidence, regulatory services for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and nutraceutical companies.

IntelliMed’s solutions are back by decades of experience and expertise that ensures its clients have that scientific edge for better connection and communication with all the stakeholders.

IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions is a go-to, strategic partner for all healthcare businesses. The company helps its clients in differentiating in a crowded, competitive ecosystem with innovation and therefore, delivering value and exceptional growth.

Differentiating with 4Ps, 4As, & 4Ds, & Young Talent

IntelliMed is at the forefront, helping healthcare businesses to sustain and grow during the unprecedented Covid19 pandemic. It is driving and refining the offerings of its clients by delivering valuable inputs and enabling them to morph in the middle of challenges. A well-versed company in the current healthcare ecosystem of the country, IntelliMed is pushing the boundaries of the industry with digital healthcare and nutraceuticals.

IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions enables meaningful engagement to external stakeholders via 4Ps – Physicians, Patients, Providers, and Policy Makers/Payers. With 4As – Awareness, Adoption, Affordability, and Access – the company empowers market access by leveraging the healthcare drivers. The company can support the whole life cycle management process by offering essential medical resources to support 4Ds – Data generation, Product Differentiation, Dissemination of information along with Education and training with Diligence.

“Commitment towards excellence stands our key value. We have been able to tackle roadblocks/challenges, merely by keeping this value intact. We believe in nurturing talent and the millennial Gen X at IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions, mentored and nurtured with a caring attitude have delivered once and always towards the growth of the organization. Innovative and out of box solutions, and the sheer enthusiasm of the team has helped us to make rapid progress during difficult times,” says Dr. Anish Desai – Founder & CEO of IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions.

The Persona Changing the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Anish – MD, FCP, PGDHEP – is the Honorary Professor of Pharmaceutical Medicine MUHS, Infectious Disease Department KEM Hospital, Mumbai. He is an expert Clinical Pharmacologist and Pharmaceutical Physician with 3 decades of experience in academia, research, and the healthcare industry. He is a graduate of Grant Medical College & Seth G.S. Medical College, Mumbai.

Dr. Anish, Chief Expert of Medical & Scientific Advocacy Board, ENAC, has been instrumental in driving positive change, delivering solutions, developing talent, and nurturing strong relationships with external stakeholders in the industry. A board member of several organizations making business decisions for portfolio introductions, product and service strategy, Dr. Anish offers his invaluable inputs. His vision, leadership, and expertise are essential to achieve strategic excellence.

A veteran leader with unrivaled leadership skills, strong business acumen, and a deep, sound understanding of the healthcare system including the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical & medical device industry, he is a top-notch medical professional & thought leader.

Dr. Anish had various stints in Indian and international leading healthcare Organizations like Johnson & Johnson India, Bayer Schering Pharma India, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Navigating the Pandemic & Assisting the Fraternity

The pandemic has shifted the focus to the healthcare industry including providers, laboratories, physicians, patients and policy makers. These changes require professionals who understand the continuum and can bring about positive outcomes amidst this volatile situation. IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions is at the cusp of a new thought process in the healthcare industry that has been ravaged by the pandemic. Our leadership in medical content development can help our clients in different healthcare sectors to achieve their goal of superior patient outcomes focusing on patient centricity. The nutraceutical industry is at the inflection point and our capabilities for new product ideation along with the ability to generate high-quality evidence for these products coupled with our ability to develop best in class medical content will give the competitive edge to our clients,” states Dr. Anish.

Comprehensive Offerings

IntellilMed Healthcare Solutions was launched with an intent to focus on strategic medical affairs for business growth. Its core value is a commitment towards excellence and that key value, the company offers the following services:

  1. Developing or providing evidence-based continuous scientific backup to the medical fraternity for better patient health-related outcomes
  2. Providing information on the latest and most relevant clinical advances
  3. Ideating new therapy alternatives
  4. Developing skills and conducting training through skill enhancement programs for healthcare professionals and allied personnel

A Symbol of Excellence

“The long-term goal of Intellimed is to create an exceptional medical organization to achieve superior health outcomes by data, differentiation, dissemination, and diligence. Intellimed Healthcare Solutions is constantly evaluating and evolving with the volatile healthcare ecosystem. We possess the capabilities of developing marketable products and concepts that can generate huge revenues. Intellimed Healthcare Solutions is a unique and flourishing healthcare startup fueled by the exuberance of young talent and is committed to achieving superior health outcomes,” asserts Dr. Anish.

IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions has the expertise and desire to be recognized as a knowledge-oriented diligent company possessing a certain stature in the healthcare fraternity.

Becoming Trend Setters

In the coming two years, IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions is poising itself to become a leader in the field of scientific and medical support.

With a 360-degree understanding of the healthcare industry’s landscape, IntelliMed is aiming to be the scientific partner of choice for the healthcare industry

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