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Research-backed Investment Solutions for Indian Retail Traders & Investors

With a diversified financial sector that is ever-expanding, the Indian financial services industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. Thanks to several reforms to liberalize, regulate, and enhance the industry, independent financial services firms are gaining reputation in the country. With more players entering the industry, India is one of the world’s most vivacious capital markets.

Streetgains – a registered equity and commodity advisory firm at Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) – is offering researched-backed services. It is enabling exclusive support to many retail traders with over a decade of experience in research and trading in Indian markets. Streetgains was founded with a mission to reach every trader of the Country with the best possible solution to their trading worries.

Streetgains is ensuring that traders have an easy time because it understand how difficult it is to make money trading. The essential market knowledge and research are must for any trader, however, there is always an edge of risk associated with trade. Hence, the company focuses on risk management first and then on trade. This ensures in building a strong clientele that vouches for the Streetgains.

Knowing the Pulse of the Traders

Trading is the industry where the risks are a constant companion of opportunities. With opportunities come risks and hence, Streetgains’ believes the first job for any trading methodology is effective risk management. Then, the company stresses behavioral factors because controlling emotions is vital for success in the trading niche. Individual traders, asset managers, and firms are vulnerable to emotionally driven errors. Therefore, the firm instills the importance of discipline and psychological balance.

Streetgains put forth that fundamental analysis, macro analysis, economics, models, technical analysis, and any other analytical tools only work within the framework of probability. Hence, nothing is certain in the market at any given time. The firm highlights the importance of a disciplined process with all its clients.

When these factors are cleared, Streetgains employs a unique, tailored way that offers the best out-of-day trading recommendations. It underlines the context of market psychology and individual performance in the market.

Because of the unique approach and established methods and systems, clients stay assured and receive research-backed recommendations.

Delivering Solution after Witnessing Traders Encountering Issues

At the helm of the company is Santosh Kumar – Founder & CEO of Streetgains. Though an agriculture graduate later completing MBA Finance, Santosh observed several Indian traders facing an issue of advisory services, especially day traders. Another issue he noticed was the lack of trust among the traders. The trust issue was because payment models were mostly monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Santosh found a new service process and coined it as ‘Pay for Successful Trades’ in 2016.

“We focus both on equities and commodities. We have all services categorized based on the need of the trader. Call it Intraday, short term, swing, positions, value, or growth. We have all services including futures and options. The best is, ‘Pay for Successful Trades’, in this case, the services are depending on the Number of Profitable research recommendations that we provide to each individual. Let say, a trader opts for a 50 Trades plan, and during the service, there are Profits and Losses, in that case, the Service of 50 Trades is full of Profit trades. The loss trades, mean the recommendations are not calculated in the service plan. In conclusion, it solves many of the issues like paying on monthly basis to pay for profitable recommendations only,” assert Santosh.

Propelling Streetgains to New Heights

The Covid19 pandemic opened up new avenues for the youth. Investing is one of them. Streetgains understands the flux and hence it is focusing on services for the tech-savvy generation. The company is leveraging technology to offer best in the class services to new entrants in the niche.

“The focus will be on technology that brings the lesser process to act upon any particular trade recommendations, call it as mobile devices, or on any other platforms. The trades must be quick and easy to place into the respective trading accounts,” states Santosh.

Streetgains encourages people to invest with this quote by Larry Hite, Market Wizards: “If you don’t bet, you can't win, if you lose all your chips, you can’t bet.”

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