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Deploying Unique Architectural Solutions for all Business Essentials

Financial stability is the driving force for any business and country. It is essential for the economic development of countries and the expansion of businesses. Maintaining a healthy financial state is the key to unlock new horizons and take-on more challenging ventures. Finance is always accompanied by risk. When it comes to investing, however, companies cannot turn a blind eye. Businesses must know what their decisions will yield and how they will affect their plans.

To ease the risks and stress associated with investment, iQuantsGraph was established. It is the company that offers the best quality and industry-standard approach propelling several businesses to new heights. It has developed a unique approach revolving around technology and quantitative analysis coupled with more than two decades of professional experience. These factors are assisting its clients to understand the market better before investing.

iQuantsGraph is on the mission to become the world-class solution data-driven financial analysis company that provide financial transparency and help customer holistically driving value and outcome through digital data-driven solution in wealth management and consulting advisory services.

Leveraging Technology to Offer Exceptional Market Insights

Being a data-driven and financial analysis company, iQuantsGraph employs all the latest technologies to deploy best in class market insights. These insights help its clients make informed decisions as they are backed by proven data. The financial transparency it provides is responsible for driving outcomes via digital data, wealth management, and consulting advisory services.

iQuantsGraph specializes in Due Diligence including Business, Tax & Legal, IPO Compliances, Company Valuation, Portfolio Advisory services such as Raising fund, Balance Sheet Restructuring, Assisting SME and MSME sector, and Data Science services like AI, ML, Portfolio Algo Framework, Wealth Management, Data Analytics, etc.

Understanding and knowing automation is the future, IQuantsGraph goes the extra mile to integrate all the new developments. The firm believes that with the integration and implementation of technology complex jobs can be made simpler. Hence, it is actively adapting and transforming its services via Data Science.

Setting Benchmark in the Industry

iQuantsGraph mostly provides assistance to start-ups and cash flow-based MSMEs. Due Diligence is the flagship offering that helps these firms with legitimate compliance processes, leading them towards the IPO segment with industry standards. Since the organizations struggle to forecast near-future changes, iQuantsGraph’s unique approach is changing the landscape for these firms. From financial forecasting, funding, to cash flow impacts, international trade, and more, the company assists firms with its data-driven services.

“iQuantsGraph’s Quantitative Analytical team and AI Automation process serve the best of uniqueness in the investment market today. At present, 70 percent of our processes are automated, and rest 30 percent are manual, we aim to scale 90-95 percent automation in the future,” assert Sailesh Bhawarlal Khandelwal – Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer of iQuantsGraph

The company today is servicing more than 2,500 global and domestic clients. With an average quarterly growth rate of 1.5 percent, iQuantsGraph is growing at 6 percent year-on-year. This extraordinary success is only based on referrals.

Fueling Startups

iQuantsGraph is Startup India Registered company working towards Startups and VC/Angel funds unique innovative solution which can reduce the frequent effort in tracking financial forecasting in the business. iQuantsGraph is planning to launch its AIF Startup fund in collaboration with reputed industry experience Veteran who can scale up the current startup into the growth opportunity.

Spearheading the Transformation

At the forefront of the company is Sailesh. He is an MBA graduate and is certified member of EMBA (IIMC), CFA, CMT, FRM, and NISM. For more than two-decade experience, he had various stints in MNCs such as Birla Groups, Kotak, IPRU, ICICI Securities etc., leading the organizations with exemplary business acumen.

“Currently as the MD & CIO at iQuantsGraph, his focus is mainly to lead the processes towards the services wherein, the complex job can be made simple. Likely, the future is all about automation, however, Indian accounting standards are so stringent to transform completely automatic. Henceforth, he ensures to adapt the latest technology imbibing it into their Due Diligence and Portfolio Advisory services via Data science integration. Also, with deployment of our AI and ML models, our process remains quite simple and easy to use,” states Sailesh.

Sailesh stresses on the adaptation of technology for enhanced services. Under his leadership, the company is focusing on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. He and his team is improving the services by taking inputs and suggestions from different companies and integrate them via an in-house R&D team.

With tangible strategies, technology adaptation, and keeping abreast of latest trends, iQuantsGraph is mitigating risks for its clients and augmenting their value growth seamlessly.

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