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Gaurang Lotia, Founder( Zero Creation )

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Zero Creation

Branding, just like Zero is a never-ending loop. You begin with an idea, draw the initial blueprint of the process then work on its full development taking innumerable inputs, trial and experiments come next in line, finally, the proper execution of the idea. Minutes tick away giving rise to new days and by this time, a whole brand-new idea, the one that didn’t cross anyone’s mind, takes shape. This is the way Zero Creation function while approaching the product idea. At Zero Creations, the desire to offer something out-of-the-box never ceases.

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Oodles Agency

The need for innovation and creative pathways is important to gain a strong momentum and this is where Oodles Agency makes an entry to elevate the brand’s presence and attracts the attention of the online traffic with their tailored unique solutions. From ‘A’ of Advertising to ‘Z’ of Zeal! Oodles is the one-stop destination for all digital marketing needs.

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Tranzlease Holdings

Tranzlease is one of the fastest-growing automobile leasing and new age Mobility Solutions Company in India. Their motto is – ‘If it’s your car, It’s TranzLease.’ Currently, the market is saturated with automobiles and hence, there is a need for research before choosing a dream car.

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Prospera Transpora

Prospera Transpora was incorporated in 2016 as a supplement to Sati Groups of Industries – an organization in the logistics industry of India with a pedigree of more than 60 years. An end-to-end servicing conglomerate and one of the forerunners in the logistic service provider, Prospera introduced temperature-controlled transportation to its diverse and strong fleet of vehicles.

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LivNSense Technologies

LivNSense Technologies is a global IoT startup incubated in 2018 to build IIoT/AI Platform led next-generation digital solutions in Industrial, Energy, and Automotive domains. The company helps clients at various levels of Industry 4.0 in improving productivity, efficiency, optimize processes, and quality across their manufacturing value chain.

Editor Point

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Pros of 5G network in media and entertainment industry

Since Internet has invaded the media and entertainment industry, there has been a proliferation of streaming video platforms, games, online content offering consumers an alternative to broadcast and cable TV in a much effective way than the traditional industries. It gives consumers more options than ever before.

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mHealth for better health

Schedules these days are jampacked with appointments and meetings, leaving no space to breathe let alone going for minor discomfort and have it diagnosed. It is a continuous work cycle, it is quite often such minor details escapes the individual until it becomes something of noticeable concern. To counter and save time at the same time, Telehealth has established itself as a great aid in these times of need.