Pankaj Kumar Singh, Founder, Cambridge Montessori Pre School

Child care is a broad topic and a matter of confidence and trust on the people who are not a part of your circle initially. It covers a wide spectrum of professionals, institutions and activities.Quality care since early childhood can substantially affect the future accomplishments of kids. Child care is having primary focus on child’s mental and physical development.

The idea of sending children to a day-care center is never appealing to many. In today’s world where people are usually staying in a nuclear family, there is a need for trusted day-care centers. Also, the kids of this generation adapt their surrounding quickly and grow smartly with whatever they are being taught. Cambridge Montessori Preschool is one of the preschools which has taken all efforts to take care of all these points so that the children and parents, both are satisfied and happy with their services. Parents no-longer have to worry about the safety of their children, and they can happily keep their children in a safe environment with lot of learning options. . So, how did they come up with this concept? Cambridge Montessori Preschooldid a proper survey of top Indian and overseas preschools and then they realized that most of the schools are not complete in terms of value addition, learning environment of highest standards, safety and security measures, reasonable pricing and scaling, trained human resource and strong parent and teacher engagement. This is what gave them the opportunity to dive in and work towards filling this gap. Their motive is to bring Indian students at par with best and innovative preschool learning environment.

This is an initiative of Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh, who is a young and dynamic entrepreneur and angel investor. To talk about him, he has more than 24 years of experience in corporate and academia. He is a graduate from Patna University and an MBA from Birla Institute of Management Technology. He has worked with numerous organizations in India and abroad before he stepped into entrepreneurship. While working as full time professional, he has been associated with EMPI Business School Delhi, ITM Group of Institution Mumbai, Shalina Healthcare Mumbai, Chemaf SPRL London and Africa, Waves Group (DAMAC) Dubai and G D GOENKA Group Delhi. He has been associated with reputed institutions like: Member – Core committee of UN GCNI SDG, Founder Member – IPRS (Indian Placement Reporting Standards) at IIM- Ahmadabad, Member –Advisory Committee, NHRDN (National HRD Network), Ex. Co – Chairperson- MAST Committee, AIMA, New Delhi, Ex. member of HR Core Committee, AIMA . As a passionate academician and entrepreneur, he is committed to bring change in the education system globally.

Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Day Care has been launched on franchise and coco model under the Jalsa Ventures private limited, an international standard preschool brand. Within a short period of approximately 2 year, Cambridge Montessori School has signed up more than 200 schools, which is a remarkable achievement. Cambridge Montessori Pre School aspires to have more than 1000 schools by 2022. Jalsa Ventures private limited is poised to get into formal K12 School from 2019. Company also intends to diversify business in fashion, technology and real estate apart from Education.

Being one of the renowned educational brand, Cambridge Montessori Pre School offers various services. One of them is the Cambridge Montessori Pre School itself. Running on Dr. Maria Montessori concept of teaching and learning methodology, it focuses on getting children ready for the formal schools. Cambridge Montessori Pre School works with international experts to create world class curriculum for the kids to place them at par with the best schools across the globe, have a strong parent-teachers integration and technology support to ensure zero error on safety, security and hygiene standards. The Montessori way of learning possessed by them which is quite scientific and advanced way of learning is where they give individual attention to every kid to help them nurture into a sensible human being. Teaching the logical modules and following a hands-on approach where the children get more practical things to do, is one of the vital parts of their program. The Montessori lab equipped with fun stuff and many educational tools cheersup the children seeing the aura of the lab as it attracts the kids.

The Cambridge Montessori Day Care Center is where they take care of the children when their parents are out and working. These days when people stay in a nuclear family and both husband and wife are no less than each other and enjoying the freedom to go out and work, it becomes difficult for them when they have children as there is no one to take care of them. Cambridge Montessori Day Care Centers are at par with trained nannies, daycare staff and teachers, are taking care of children. The well-organized day plan, and food planned by nutritionists, and other engagements, ensure and meet the healthy, recreational and learning objectives.

The Teacher Training Program (TTP) is also taken care of in an extremely professional way. With the partner Montessori schools and experts from across the globe, the Teacher Training program at Cambridge Montessori is truly international. The panning of the program is done in a manner as to guarantee that they learn best of the practices in Montessori learning framework and it is passed on to the future coaches and instructors. Regular follow-ups with periodic assessments and interactions with the leading international Montessori experts make teachers aware about the latest technologies all over the world, giving them an additional advantage when it comes to finding a job opportunity elsewhere. There are different program offerings from Diploma to Certifications which is always helpful for growth ahead.

Mind Labs is one of its kind program where children are made to think logically through various methods. Filling in a kid’s mind with only the academic theoretical stuff is not enough. They need a practical and hands-on approach, and something which will amaze them and help them learn in a fun way. All of this is taken care in Mind Labs so that it is interesting to learn academics. Preparing children to adapt logical reasoning by teaching basic mathematical principles including geometry equations, algebra, trigonometry, and university level math, are some of the activities that are carried out. Professional teachers teach phonics, hence enable reading, writing and speaking skills in children and enhancing the vocabulary and grammar. Robotics is taught at Mind lab at CMPS, enabling rational thinking in children. A proper module is developed by their team to ensure learning is exciting and is delivered in most sincere manner.

The Skill & Development Program is also a part of it. Their strong industry endorsed programs on communication; personality and employability help transform the lives of students and working professionals. The specific duration of each program carried out at their own centers and the experts with excellent expertise make sure each one gain the skills and work towards growing themselves.

Being most experienced in education sector and with rich cumulative experience of Management and the Advisory team, they are planning on creating a K-12 school sooner with strong enablement of learning and strong parents,teachers and students integration to achieve milestones. Professional delivery mechanism and their objective to createa world class facility in terms of infrastructure, pedagogy, international affiliations and associations, exchange program for teachers and students while imbibing Indian value system and age old traditions, is what makes them unique.

Jalsa Venture Pvt Ltd was established with a vision to narrow down the struggles and fill in the gaps in our education system. As the current education system has become more of a pressure than a source of learning, they are working towards refining the quality of education as well as making it more fun and exciting. This is designed by keeping in mind the inherent characteristics of a child which is to play in groups, have fun and enjoy every moment under the supervision of people whom they trust.

With a vision to give excellent education and making students future ready with superb environmental awareness and maintaining safe and hygienic environment for kids, Cambridge Montessori Preschool would be expanding across ASEAN countries. They are looking forward to having more than 1000 schools across the entire nation in next 5 years.

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