The Gaming Evolution

Gaming today is a recognized as a part of our culture. But other than the millennial’s, many people remember a time before gaming, and also before digital entertainment invaded the computers as well as homes.

History of Gaming

Gaming itself is as old as history. Artefacts are a proof that our ancestors enjoyed playing board games thousands of years ago. But electronic games required the invention of electronic computers. The earliest computers were slow; still, programmers felt the need to provide gaming options and ended up making these computers have games like tic-tac-toe.

The video games have evolved massively over the last few years. There have been millions of games created in the previous 50 years. This article focuses on talking about the gaming evolution in the world of digitization.

A significant evolution in the adventure genre began with the translation of the text-adventure to a visual format. This adventure included exploration, loot gathering, and simple monster fighting games. The characters and these games were represented keeping into consideration the limitations of the computer processing power at that time.

Invention of Computers

With the advent of computers and consoles games started to develop that could render video, as well as adventure games. First, it took advantage of the increasing capabilities of gaming hardware. Then the controllers of these games gradually developed into the modern forms. These and other changes affected adventure games in many different ways, as well. The art of game designing and developing had improved the representational abilities of computers. One of the most known games that focussed on moral elements was Bioware’s Star Wars-based roleplaying game Knights of the Old Republic.

However, video game history has not been an easy journey towards more extensive, more complicated, yet more graphics-heavy games. Today’s consumers enjoy having an exciting world of interactive entertainment at their fingertips. The shift has been from playing games online to first-person shooter games on their video game console, to becoming heavy users of social games on their tablets and smartphones. Gamers are now spending more time playing games than streaming movies or shows on their computer, phone, as well as gaming consoles.

Invention of Smartphones

After the invention of smartphones and app stores in the market,  gaming has undergone yet another rapid evolution that has transformed the way people played games. It has brought gaming into the mainstream culture. Rapid developments in mobile technology over the last decade have created an explosion of mobile gaming,

The move to mobile technology has defined the gaming in the best way possible. But while gaming is well-suited to the busy lives of millennials, gaming on mobile devices also has had its limitations because of the small screen of the smartphones. The mobile gaming has also caused the death of handheld gaming devices, but consoles are still booming. Each new generation of console has been welcoming a new era of technology and capabilities.


The Future of Gaming: VR and AI

Industries that play a vital role in the future of gaming are virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. If the changes that have occurred over the last century are anything to go by, it appears that gaming in 2025 will be almost unrecognizable to how it is today.