Nicolas Buffone (Expandify Marketing Inc) – BS 2020’s Most Innovative Entrepreneur to Watch

Disrupting and Delivering Exemplary Digital Marketing Solutions across the Length and Breadth of Businesses

Digital transformation is disrupting the industries and gaining unparalleled recognition because of its efficiency and capabilities. In this digital era, businesses need to be on the forefront with digital marketing to garner sales and attract the crowd to their products and services. Social media and internet marketing have become significant tools in recent years and their importance is only growing as more businesses are coming online to survive the steep competition. Organizations are incorporating the latest methodologies to gain an edge over the competitors and modify their strategies into online advertising to reach people across the globe. Digital marketing, without any doubt, is the best marketing tool that is cost-effective and consumes little time and resources and gives exceptional results against traditional methods. Observing the huge potential of digital marketing, Nicholas Buffone established Expandify Marketing Inc. – a company that employs groundbreaking approaches to revolutionize the digital marketing niche.

Expandify Marketing Inc. provides an all in one digital marketing solution to verified international businesses. Leveraging social media advertising strategies, including graphic design, motion graphics, photography, videography, copywriting, web design, display advertising, and more has allowed Expandify Marketing Inc. to deliver tangible results to hundreds of satisfied clients.

Shaping the Journey

Mr. Nicolas Buffone – CEO, President, and Co-Founder of Expandify Marketing Inc., incorporated the company in 2017 along with Mr. Jonathan Durante – Vice President, COO, and Co-Founder of Expandify Marketing Inc.

Mr. Buffone, being born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, the city serves as a headquarter for the company and he began with producing food and beverage marketing services for companies in the hospitality industry and has now served hundreds of clients in over a dozen industries. Mr. Buffone created a one-stop destination for all digital marketing needs of the clients and now, Expandify Marketing Inc. provides an all in one digital marketing solution to verified international businesses by leveraging social media advertising strategies, including graphic design, motion graphics, photography, videography, copywriting, web design, display advertising, etc. Implementing these strategies, Mr. Buffone leads the company which in turn helps clients to reach their objectives or goals quickly and more effectively. Today, Expandify Marketing Inc. is a leading social media and internet marketing agency.

Mr. Buffone attended Cegep while working part-time as a busboy in a restaurant. “During my years in Cegep, I was studying Graphic and web design wasn’t sure if this is what I wanted to do later on in life. While working in the restaurant as a busboy, my business partner - working with me at the time - and I observed that the restaurant we were working at did not have any social media presence. At that moment, we realized the need for social media marketing for small businesses. Together, we strategized on how we could help them, which we did and from there started our company,” states Mr. Buffone.

After establishing the venture and helping out the restaurant, Mr. Buffone began searching for new clients. Steadily, through the course of time, the company garnered new clients as well as served the previous ones and eventually grew into a leading company that is recognized by some prestigious magazines and media houses such as Forbes, MirrorReview, Fox, abc, Inc., NBC, etc.

Stalwart Leadership

“One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is to never give up and understand that failure and rejection is part of the process. Be prepared to fail, knowing you will succeed,” asserts Mr. Buffone.

Mr. Buffone is a dynamic leader and he is driving success by implementing new techniques and strategies to keep an edge over the competitors. He is constantly attending leading innovative conferences around the world and understanding new revolutionary strategies that could expand Expandify Marketing Inc.’s global footprint. He is engaged in capitalizing on himself as well as the team by acquiring online training sessions from the world’s most renowned digital marketing experts.

Mr. Buffone values qualities like dedication, passion, and hard work to leverage the skills and gain new insights into the business world. To propel his company to new heights, he has strategized three main priorities of this year. First, establishing close relationships with clients to gain better insight into their marketing goals. Second, the creative duo together with the team of Expandify Marketing is going to deliver beneficial contributions to the community. Thirdly, planning to create new and improved services that will bring brands and people closer together.

“Our purpose is to bring brands and people closer together using imagination and media, which is our corporate responsibility as a company. We are thrilled to contribute to the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Expandify Marketing Inc. drives innovation through the use of technology and social media. We help companies scale by displaying their company image via social media and the internet, which is an amazing interconnected experience between businesses and consumers that develops into lifelong relationships which positively contributes to the business and innovation ecosystem,” says Mr. Buffone.

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