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The digital economy is pushing software companies to refresh products in short order; the reasons are many such as User Experience, Mobility, and SaaS enablement. Companies are under tremendous cost-and-time pressure. Faster time-to-market with no compromise on quality & reliability, at a lower cost, is the need. Companies are transforming their product cycle from several years to couple of quarters, between ideation, market testing and product release.


AlgoShack is one such company that dramatically transforms software delivery by harnessing Artificial Intelligence. It is a start-up that offers SaaS based solutions to software development companies, big or small, that are in the business of developing various software for other companies.

Their idea is simple; they test the already developed software or software being developed by making use of latest advancements like AI, Machine learning, and deep technology. AlgoShack thus helps software companies to save time that otherwise goes into testing and make their software bug-free. The software companies save a lot of R&D cost, and their time to market gets reduced drastically.

AlgoShack major customers are software companies that leverage AlgoShack’s platform algoQA to accelerate their work and enhance their productivity. The software is tested against all parameters of quality in labs and, the final product that comes out is more reliable with low risk of encountering any bug or failure. AlgoShack offers an easy-to-use platform that will be embedded in the IDEs and will help the community auto-generate work products wholly and accurately.


It is easy to use with no scripting at all and enables auto-generation of test cases and test-scripts within seconds. It is easy to use with just a click of a button; all that is required is profiling the application; the rest is taken care of by the platform. It is domain intuitive, highly abstract and comes with a drag and drop wizard. The most significant value proposition is that it optimizes, standardizes and automates the testing process by leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

The main motive behind such a product is to let clients keep pace with the digital economy. By using AlgoShack’s algoQA, software companies can enhance the productivity of their team.


It supports applications across web, desktop and mobile and multiple:

Ø tools like Selenium, Appium, Botium, Squish, LDTP, SpecFlow, Cucumber, WatiN

Ø controls like Jquery, JavaFx

Ø language scripting like C# – Selenium, Java – Selenium, Python – LDTP, Python – Squish, Python –Selenium and Python – Appium

Ø browsers like Chrome, Firefox,Internet Explorer.

Ø Operating Systems like Linux,Windows, and Apple


With a mission of ‘Anyone can test,’ AlgoShack has optimistically reduced or eradicated all testing challenges like resource constraints and given way for scalability and quality. The product caters to multiple industries with focus on Ecommerce/Retail, Healthcare and Insurance industry verticals. Across industries anyone can test, that could be a subject matter expert or business analyst or a product owner, developer, or a software quality assurance expert.


Profile your application – through just drag and drop. The algoProfiler is designed to make every user’s testing journey quick and easy. The user can use its intuitive domain modeler to profile their application. Generate manual test cases, datasets, and test scripts – within minutes. Once the user has profiled his application, it is just a click of a button. An optimal number of test cases written in Gherkin language are generated along with datasets. Schedule and execute with algoQA, the users can also schedule test execution, collect results, and publish reports and dashboards!


Vadeesh. Founder and CEO have over 28 years of experience focused on product engineering, innovation & IP creation. In his 15+ years of experience in senior leadership positions, Vadeesh has been responsible for strategic planning, end-to-end operations, and P&L. He has built globally competitive leadership teams, orchestrated strategic customer engagements, and created significant value for stakeholders.

Dr. Meena Raj is Consultant Paediatrician, with over 20 years of clinical experience with a particular interest in Paediatric Diabetes and Endocrinology. She acquired knowledge on healthcare management and has developed her interest in program and project management by becoming PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate holder and learning skills on Cranfield Benefits Management Methodology.

Sesha Grama: Chief Customer Officer: Sesha has over 25 years of global experience in Sales, Technology, Solution, Pre-Sales, and Marketing across geos covering North America, U.K, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. His expertise includes Technology Platforms, IT Products, and IT Services.

Team AlgoShack is extremely passionate about product engineering, computer science, and AI. They are ambitious about changing the way software is delivered. Apart from the algoQA product, the company takes pride in its complete focus on R&D and the real R&D environment provided to the team members working at AlgoShack.


AlgoShack is a leading company in the software test automation space and is in sync with the demands of the digital economy. It has developed products and solutions which aims at offering user experience, quick turnaround, and SaaS enablement. The company is fully engaged in working on intelligent automation of software testing leveraging machine learning, to create meaningful impact in this space.

The company is sure to rise as the economy is transforming into a digital economy and the software companies are looking for a reliable, quality driven, and low-cost option to get their software tested.

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