Role of Technology in the New-Gen Workspace

Office workspaces have become a staple for the young millennial, with over 95% of them being employed in one way or the other. And with the changing times, workspaces have also revolutionized themselves in terms of style, décor and ease of comfort. More and more youth are preferring co-working spaces which allow for a flexibility quotient along with ample amenities along with providing an innovative work ambiance. Being cost-effective, its demand has risen exponentially in the current times. One of the significant factors that have contributed to its popularity is the implementation of technological tools that have made life faster and easier.

Technology in the new-gen workspace- An overview

Technology has a huge role to play in the current generation’s workspace. Staying in trend has become imperative to keep in sync with the market requirements, and this further has enforced technology as a necessity in office spaces. The gen X cannot imagine a work environment that doesn’t offer advanced tools vouching for flexibility, networking and global connectivity. It has been found that a significant fraction of the current resources has reported an increase of about 131% in operational efficiency and a 22% increase in maintaining timelines all thanks to advance technological tools.

Integration of Technology in present scenario.

The advent of technology has drastically changed the workspaces transforming them into a digital era one. The Integration of technology has become part and parcel of the workforce, factoring in an increase in productivity and efficiency. With collaborative tools like cloud computing accessing any piece of information from anywhere has become more accessible, thus fostering globalized networking. Video conferencing tools have connected people digitally in meeting rooms, enabling faster decision making. Further, with advanced tools accessing any piece of information or report, at any time of the hours has become convenient, thus increasing productivity by leaps and bounds. Increase productivity directly relates to cost-cutting solutions in which technology has a significant role to play. Technology has also enabled a convincing security system offering a trust factor that has, in a way, redefined the workspaces of today.

Another crucial impact of technology is the excellent user experience that it offers. It has been found that 78% of the employer’s factor in workplace quality and culture while selecting an office place. This includes easy access or commute, a comfortable and creative ambiance and facilities that promote the well-being of the employees — all these results in a great user experience, which is of prime importance. And technology can help achieve this. With uninterrupted Wi-fi facilities, conferencing tools, printers, scanners, projectors and more, work becomes more organized and systematic, thus giving the employees a high working culture.

Technology steering future of the modern workspaces. 

Technology has inevitably changed the landscape of the working spaces, and it undoubtedly boasts of earmarking it as a necessity in future. IoT technology is forecasted to be of a great advantage helping in figuring out and optimizing business processes, tracking assets amongst other things. This will result in an improved bottom line, enhanced employee experience and healthy work culture.

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