Pankaj Bairoliya (Fespro Foods) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

The Taste of Goodness

Eating taste and healthy food are becoming a trend as the world is observing the severe effects of junk food. The doctors are encouraging, the parents are advising the young ones to choose healthy foodstuff. In the world filled with unhealthy and junk food, Fespro Foods brings nutrition deliciously and the taste of health filled with goodness.

Fespro Foods is a vibrant and diverse company aimed at conserving the traditional values by providing high quality and safe products under its brand. The company is associated with a team of food technologists and food professionals to take care of product development, improvement in existing product range and maintaining quality standards. The company has its in-house testing facility that is fully equipped to ensure the safety standards and quality of each product. Fespro Foods is combining global experience and health standards to create and develop food products that are both nutritional and healthy and the company is committed to the achievement of success with integrity, honesty, and fairness.

Shaping the Journey

When two food enthusiastic, Mr. Naresh Maheshwari – Founder & CEO of FTI Food Tech Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Pankaj Bairoliya – Founder & CEO of Aryavrat Marketing Pvt. Ltd., discussed health, food, and taste, Fespro Foods came to light. After a long discussion on why, what and how, they came to a question, what if India starts offering food products that are healthy, tasty and affordable at the same time? And that’s how they ended up planning their own company Fespro Foods Pvt. Ltd. A company to restore the richness of Indian food habits and bring in an innovative and healthier version of foreign food products that the Indians love.

“Our journey to date has been that of a rollercoaster ride. Every start-up or any organization for that matter has its share of sunny and rainy days, especially during the initial years. We have learned a lot throughout the way and are still learning at every new stage. The initial challenge that we faced when we started was that of finding suitable manufacturers since we were inclined towards getting the products contract manufactured. We overcame this hurdle and we are a partner in each other’s success story,” asserts both founders.

A Symbol of Health

Fespro Foods is armed with a team of food technologists and microbiologists who ensure that the products meet the set standards of quality so this helps the company to ensure that high quality and safe products reach its customers. The team conducts periodical food safety audits at the facilities to keep a check on the conditions of the facility and the products being produced. The company offers its products to the age group of 18-45 along with housewives and school students. By doing so, the company benefits these people by providing great quality products at affordable pricing.

The company shatters the money barrier to offers healthy products to every household as its vision is to serve nutrition deliciously.

Healthy and Tasty Offerings

Fespro, Health and Nutrition brand has launched a very innovative range of products in the segment. Extending its ‘InstaTM’ range, the company has added ‘Insta Dalia’ and ‘Insta Tea’ to its offerings. This is not just everyday Dalia, as it is added with the company’s signature twist to it! This is a multigrain Porridge made from Whole Wheat, Corn, Oats and Sorghum (Jowar). The consumers have to add hot water to it, wait for 3 minutes and a delicious, healthy bowl of goodness is ready! The product is available in two mouth-watering variants – Kheer Twist with Almond & Honey and Tomato Twist with Herbs.

Tea is also very special as the company has made it as good as consumers’ favorite homemade chai! The variant names as evident enough for their specialty – Karak Masala, Karak Cardamom, and Karak Ginger! With its InstaTM range, the company has covered breakfast and evening snack time! InstaTM Oats, InstaTM Dalia, and InstaTM Tea are all at the customer’s service to serve ‘The Taste of Goodness!’

New Horizons

“We are working on evaluating the different overseas markets after successfully launching the product range in UAE with an excellent response from the consumers which has encouraged us to expand it to other parts of the Middle East and other countries. We are in discussions with international supermarkets chains to place the products,” states Sakshi Maheshwari – Brand Manager of Fespro Foods.

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