Ravi Roshan & Rimjhim Charan (100 Kraft) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

Socially Responsible Design House

Modern luxury has more in its treasure chest to offer, and today clever designers are integrating unique designs and reinventing the concept of interior designing. These days, one barely sees any house exclusive of interior. Interior décor enhances the aesthetics and fascinates the observer in a moment as we are naturally drawn to beautiful creations. With unique solutions to match the settings and innovations to bring the interior to life, 100Krafts is an award-winning interior designing company that fills the owner with immense pride. The company began with a goal to save customers from getting trapped in the ‘interior means modular mentality’ as interiors is a blend of woodwork, electrical, civil, false ceiling, and wall décor. As the company asserts, ‘the whole house should look like in sync.

100Krafts is just not an interior designing company but, as it likes to be called, an ‘interior solution platform’ where the company brings together a team of expert designers, experienced consultants, and diligent executioners. The team begins any project by carefully understanding the actual and latent needs of the customers and then create customized solutions that exceed the customer’s expectations which in turn is translated into actual end-to-end execution. The company’s portfolio is itself a testament to its creation.

An Emblem of Excellence

100krafts is using Integrated solutions for a final wow effect into its designs and executions to give uniqueness via infusion of various material in one unit .So far the company has successfully executed more than 800 designs. Happy customers narrate the success stories as the company’s team focuses on the core requirements and work on stylizing it to deliver a high-quality outcome. The company aligns customer’s expectations with the actual budget and blends the best ethics to deliver.

Mr. Ravi Roshan – CEO and Founder of 100Krafts, has stints in IT sales companies and has worked in the giants like IBM, Reliance, etc. He had the vision to change the interior landscape and so, he incorporated 100Krafts in 2012. Since then, the company is proffering numerous services across two major cities of India: Bengaluru and Pune while delivering more than 30 projects in these cities (ironical to 800 projects written above, so see what can you include).

Mrs. Rimjhim Kumar Charan – COO of 100Krafts joined the firm to set up the Pune division of the company. She has a strong background in CRM, Marketing, and currently, she is looking after 100Krafts’ operations across the geography. Both Mr. Roshan and Mrs. Charan have been constantly striving to create the next set of leaders in the firm so that the legacy can be passed on and more value is created with the right skilled leaders handling their respective verticals.

Aesthetic Offerings

  • Turnkey interiors: Creating a fine balance between theme and style of the house with requirements, space management with a fruitful investment for the customer at the end of the day. A complete project with design and execution for the final satisfactory look.
  • Design Services: Infusion of thematic interiors of fusion of themes and styles delivering to any customer across the GEO with a scientific approach towards design with budget, requirements, needs, and style to integrate with one’s personality.
  • Project Management: Capable to create and produce any kind of practical design to reality, with quality standards, timelines, audits with AMC and warranties.
  • Commercial Interiors: A completely different and independent dynamics of requirements with design, branding, marketing strategies to reach out to the target audience for one’s business.
  • Furnishings: An in-itself a standalone expert services to create a thematic flow for the integration of curtains, decors with that of sofa placement with design integrated to enhance and complement the home interiors towards lifestyle.
  • Show Flats: A completely different dynamic need to create a connection to that of a home from a house, with integration and transformation of interiors with daily necessities for day to day functioning.

 Stellar Recognition and Awards

  • National Architectural and Interior Design Excellence Awards and Conference 2019
  • ‘Most Innovative Company of the year 2019’ in Maharashtra – E-commerce and Technology category for the year 2019
  • ‘The Most Promising Interior Design Company of the year 2015’ – Worldwide Achievers
  • ‘Business innovation Emerging Brand’ – Asian Leadership Awards in the year 2015

New Horizons

100Krafts is looking to expanding its territory overseas. One of the clients saw exceptional potential in the company’s understanding of themes and streamlined ways of working  and thus the company bagged an  international project which was designing a café in Paris,.

The firm is also garnering global recognition because of its unique and innovative designing skills. The company has undertaken a sustainable initiative of planting 100 trees in the name of each and every customer it works for and thereby, build a green and healthy future for the next generations.

For More Details: https://100krafts.com/