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Marina Tognetti, CEO & Founder ( mYngle )

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Founded in 2008, mYngle offers premium services to its customers that help them feel at home in today’s globalized world. An online language school, it promises success through a unique skill that often gets overlooked – language. The saying “language is power” is true universally, as it opens up a new world for a learner, offering a plethora of opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. mYngle offers face to face language lessons, both for business professionals and private learners, contributing to increasing connectivity and networking among diverse people and making the world a global village.

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Innovative Leadership Institute

Businesses, no matter the niche , face challenges and disruptions. As technological advancements are making big waves in every industry, challenges and disruptions are more frequent. In the era where the only change is constant, business leaders require constant leverage as they pave the road to the future.

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Intengine has the world’s most comprehensive and relevant database of responsible businesses for good and the largest database in the world of social and environmental accreditation organizations and business listings with their standards. Its directory listings include all industry sectors and also acts as an aggregator of in-depth knowledge.

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Market Traders Institute

We often hear the phrase, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” But how often do we really work on it? The desire to carry on despite all odds, and venture into projects that were never thought of before, is truly rare and unique. This mantra of life is even more crucial for those in the field of education, as the very core of education is the desire to learn more and do more.

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OpenMinds Resources

There is no doubt that digital marketing is as vital to an organization as water is to human survival. In the 21st century, the world has moved on to embrace the potential of the internet that has made the world a smaller place, where big things happen. For an organization to make an impact, presence on digital media is a must, whether it is through social media or through offline data analytics.

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The Gracious F

The colors we see in our homes, working places, and on the streets have a powerful effect on our behavior. The effect we experience is an influence of color psychology – a study of colors in relation to human behavior. Depending upon the color choices, one can build a strong brand. Through the power of color science and psychology, people and organizations could be benefitted from their endeavors.

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Whizpace Pte Ltd

Whizpace is the company that offers TVWS: TV White Space or commonly termed as Super Wi-Fi. The terms are interchangeably used quite often to throw some light on the technology it uses for its application. Whizpace is the world-leading company that provides TVWS for all communication and network and connectivity solutions, initiated in 2016.

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Almost all consumer-based companies retain a loyalty program. The inten􀆟on of maintaining such a program is to
bring in more business with incen􀆟ves such as points, rewards, and offers of discounts, etc. The problem is that
companies today spend a lot of money to set-up and run a loyalty system while customers face different challenges
because they can’t get out any value and with that, they engage less with the loyalty program.

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The Influence of Entrepreneurship on Economic Growth

Globalization has led to an abundance of options, making the new horizons to discover. With the progress came a choice which was seen from the ages but still held next to zero value under the domination of the job-oriented country. Play it safe, is always what is advised no matter the circumstance. Introduction of entrepreneurship turned the tables and now, everywhere there is an individual or a group of dedicated members who seek a problem, an unmet need and address it, thereby establishing a solution, locally or globally.

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What Makes an Effective Business Leader

The widely accepted definition of a leader would be someone who inspires the actions of followers. But it is not the end of the line. Being an effective business spearhead is the next step any leader must climb and it takes years and years of practice. The primary reason it takes so long is that effective leadership means being able to master a plethora of skills and implementing them wisely. All these skills come with a challenge and have a unique learning curve behind them.