EduconIndia – BS Most Trusted Educational Institutes of the Year 2019

India is a developi ng country and we never stop ourselves from exploring and achieving great things in life. Much of the crowd in India today strives to go abroad for their higher studies. Nothing has stopped young minds to explore and learn. Though the children are given freedom to dig into their interests and learn more, there are still a few obstacles when one aspires to get to a top university to excel in their field of study. Many have the aspiration and the inspiration, but they have no idea where to start with, and many fail to have the proper guidance.

EduconIndia being one of the leading education consultancies are inclined towards helping out students who want to opt for medical studies and aspire to study abroad. It is one of the best places to get proper guidance right from the time you prepare to study abroad. They provide efficient Student Training and Consultancy Program targeting Global Professional Entrance Examinations including GMAT, USMLE, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL.

EduconIndia aims at giving phenomenal training to the students who try to contemplate abroad and help them with all the procedures involved. From getting hands-on the underlying application procedure to the student’s settlement, EduconIndia gives the best ever solid highlights. They are ‘with the student’ directly from the earliest starting point of the application procedure and ‘for the student’ until his settlement is right around the corner, providing the right guidance for exams to prepare for the students aspiring to enter the medical field. Fruitful hours of preparation and rightful sources of teaching is the thing that their students promisingly harvest. Their training programs are equipped for furnishing students with extensive knowledge to clear their entrance exams and head towards their splendid vocation. To talk about their uniqueness as consultants, their endeavors for the students include facilitating Kaplan, bringing down faculty from the US to help the students, customizing the study material and the learning processes to best fit for qualifying. To add to their uniqueness, they also give live lectures, question banks for quick references, self-assessing examinations, consultancy services, and future residential services for the students.

Their major key to connecting students and the subjects are their “In-Person Live-Lectures” and the cherry on the top is the presence of award-winning medical science faculty from abroad who especially come for the same and whose teaching techniques include shorthand tips and tricks to push the efficiency of learning. The topics that seem boring and tedious are treated with interesting approaches to ensuring that their subjected meaning reaches the students. Their interest to provide an extravagant environment to each student and the personalized learning process to help them do their best is immensely appreciable. They provide timely updated study materials, as well as the assessment, tests to their students along with the planned and properly executed live interaction between the students and the faculty, which is planned from the student’s point of view to keep up their zeal and determination.

Understanding the needs of the students and designing all of this wasn’t an easy thing. The person behind all of this is the CEO of EduconIndiaMs.Srinidhi Naidu and it is an immense pleasure to see such a successful and passionate woman entrepreneur. Looking back to her journey, her father owned a business of Interior designing and Construction firm and wanted her to be a part of the same, and wanted them to work together lifting the good spirits of the company. She did a relevant degree and got into the family business. She was happy, but not content and never felt proud of it. This turbulence in her head made him realize that she wanted to do something on her own which is big and beneficial. After a lot of brainstorming and self-analyzing, just to go beyond her comfort zone and explore things, she joined a company as an Educational Consultant. As a part of her profession, she moved from one university to another, meeting different people and students with different perspectives and queries. Soon she realized the gap between the real-world problems of education and the student’s queries related to it after which she thought to take a step for building trust and careers of the students and that’s how EduconIndia was formed.

Ms.Srinidhi Naidu faced a lot of challenges in the initial stages of the establishment, but she didn’t freak out but decided to face them. She single-handedly built the pillars of EduconIndia and managed it all alone, though a lot of negative marketing was also done against it. But she was determined and these discrepancies couldn’t disturb the agenda behind it. In the beginning, EduconIndia had its reach only among the medical students of South India until they met a vibrant group of digital marketers who helped them reaching across to every student digitally.

EduconIndia works towards connecting the dreams to the future. They maintain a close relationship with their students to keep a warm and healthy environment for them to prepare and perform better. So proportionally, they conquer mental fears along the way.

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