Mohamed Saieed (Potensia Systems) – Business Sight’s Disruptive Companies at the Forefront of Innovation 2020

A System Integrator Designing & Deploying Industry-Specific Infrastructure to Streamline Business Operations Head Quartered in Dubai with a branch in Cairo and Dominica

With digitalization, IT infrastructure is becoming more important to numerous organizations. As the usage of the internet has increased in recent years, effective solutions have improved business operations and processes. These solutions are tailored to the clients’ requirements and enhance their overall performance.

Potensia Systems is a go-to partner for implementing innovative solutions globally. It designs and deploys industry-specific technology and streamlining business operations through its portfolio of solutions, manages services, and offers consultancy. Potensia Systems provides bespoke high-end technology solutions for companies across the globe including Security Systems, Data Centers, AV and ELV Solutions, IT infrastructure, Parking, Access Control, and much more.

Potensia Systems delivers effective IT infrastructure. Its solutions for businesses combine the latest products with its team’s experience and know-how. As such it helps businesses respond quickly to their technology requirements and build the necessary IT infrastructure designed to protect people, property, and information.

The company develops cost-efficient solutions via its robust processes and quality hardware that help businesses to increase their efficiency.

An Insignia of Excellence

Potenisa Systems began with a goal to make technology work for its clients as it knows how technology should work. Even when the coronavirus pandemic is raging on, the company is developing unique solutions to deliver the best outcomes. The firm has changed the logistics, transportation, supply chain, purchasing, and workflow with its innovative solutions.

With new normal on the horizon, the world will have to adapt to the new changes quickly. The world will be facing several challenges even when the pandemic is over as the world will never be the same. Hence, Potensia System is looking forward to implementing its disruptive solutions and help the global business to adapt to new normal world strategy.

“In the technological era that we live in; there tends to be a trend of automating processes and tasks. So, everything is becoming smarter. We saw that as an opportunity to be part of the technological revolution and started Potensia Systems. there couldn’t be a better time for FiNext conference and there couldn’t be a better time for us to be participating in it,” asserts Mr. Mohamed – Founder & CEO of Potensia Systems.

Innovative & Disruptive Solutions

AI Solutions:  We Provide AI- Driven suite of tools that cover insight AI for Video , Audio ,Nayaat and Authled

IT Infrastructure: Operate at maximum efficiency with a cabling and network system designed, installed, maintained, and updated by its skilled IT engineers.

  1. Network Installation and Maintenance
  2. Structured Cabling Voice, Data,
  3. Video and Multimedia Systems
  4. WIFI Network Environments
  5. Advanced Phone Systems and Communication Solutions (VOIP, PABX/PBX)
  6. Enterprise Network and Data Centers Storage Systems Wireless Systems

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Solutions: Small or large buildings all benefit from becoming more streamlined and secure with its ELV solutions.

  1. Access Control systems
  2. IP Telephony and Intercoms systems
  3. SMATV / IPTV systems
  4. Intrusion Alarm Systems
  5. CCTV Surveillance
  6. Time Attendance Systems
  7. Anti-theft System

Parking Management Solutions: Efficient car parking operations can result in a secure building, accountability, as well as potential increased revenue.

  1. Road Blockers
  2. ANPR
  3. Bollards
  4. Access and Barrier Control
  5. Paid Parking
  6. Pedestrian Gates

Audio Visual Solutions: It helps engage and delight audiences with appealing displays and sound systems through the use of the latest technology from leading manufacturers and creative applications.

  1. Digital Signage
  2. Video Conferencing
  3. LCD Projectors
  4. Sound Production
  5. Home Theatres
  6. Public Address Systems
  7. Queue Management System
  8. Touch Screen Control

Cyber Security: Building a series of defenses on your networks and in the cloud is critical for a sound security strategy.

  1. Counteracting External Attacks
  2. Internal Fraud
  3. Firewall
  4. Anti-virus Software

Automation: Control the various aspects of your home or office from one easily managed system. Making your building smarter through technology is more secure, energy-efficient, and productive.

  1. Lighting Control
  2. Blinds Control System
  3. HVAC Control Systems
  4. Centralized System Control via Touch Screen Devices and iPads
  5. Guest Room Management Solutions
  6. Energy Savings

Future Landscape

Mr. Mohamed understands that the companies will see a significant slowdown in growth during this financial year as they grapple with the upheaval wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, he shared, “We tried to think out-of-the-box to provide unique solutions to our clients.”

Mr. Mohamed and his team are introducing initiatives like the sanitizing gates, thermal cameras, smart helmets, virtual meeting rooms, and e-signature solutions.

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